Dear Journal – No Singing

I saw the one tonight and am sharing my memory of her. A feisty woman she was with eyes of mystery that I certainly could have written many ballads about but alas she declined my services and even when I offered for free. Ah journal, for it’s only you I write tonight of this little delight I had with her.

Me the Bard: Greetings, traveler. You look to be in need of a companion.

Her: Greetings and I do indeed need a partner.

Me the Bard: Perfect, I’m a custom follower designed to aid you in the perils of Skyrim and stay by your side until you have no need for me.

Her: Excellent, Skyrim is a big place and can be scary to roam around alone.

Me the Bard: Fear not, my little chickadee, where there is trouble, there is my blade to cut it away.

Her: Just be careful where you swing it, I am a delicate flower and cut easily when one such as yourself slices me with their weapon.

Me the Bard: Hahaha, I like you. Yes, I feel a song forming in my head as we speak. The taverns will sing of your adventures based upon my song written for you.

Her: Wait…you are a bard?

Me the Bard: No no, aspiring to be one. You are my inspiration, such beauty and grace; I shall serenade you at night with my flute.

Her: You mean practice your flute playing at my expense?

Me the Bard: Oh you wound me…should you prefer my lute to my flute, I can strum away your aches and pains.

Her: Or add to them.

Me the Bard: After a while, your heart will beat as one with my drum when I sing my ballads of our friendship to the soft rhythmic sound filling the night air.

Her: How about I use your lute to beat up the drum then your flute as a shovel to bury the remains along with you!

Me the Bard: Maybe traveling with you isn’t such a good idea.

Her: Probably not.

Until next time, journal…