I’ve Been Looking For You


Got something for your hands only. Well, I found this important note found on a dead courier during a recent bandit raid and figured it was for you.  Well, gotta go.

My lord Vok,

We are in control. Hundreds of new men and women of all races have flocked to our banner. Whether they were parts of other clans, guilds, or gangs, these bandits are all ready to die at our word. My troops number count over a thousand and more showing up each day. We must unleash ourselves soon, in fear that in our excitement we might make us cut each others throats. We have been restructured, specialized, and most of all ready to seize this land. I was honored to accept this position to ensure our new recruits are prepared and now I am proud to show those in Skyrim our true power. We shall shape this world into the vision of chaos my Lord has foreseen. I will soon be ready to make it happen. I am prepared to unleash the Second Legion.

For the Lawless,
Skevold the Faceless
Master of the Brotherhood of the Masks and High Commander of the Second Legion