Call Me Lass Again and We Have A Deal

Her system went into shock when she managed to leave the bridge and get to the market stalls without another person begging for help. However, one cannot dismiss the begging part completely when you have a beggar sitting there doing that begging thing. Lurren looked at the old man, smiled at him and handed him some gold pieces that earned his friendship.

“All meat clean and free of rockjoint!” shouted a voice behind Lurren.

“Isn’t that odd,” she thought, rocks don’t have joints, jagged edges perhaps but never joints”. Furthermore, upon analyzing the term one cannot have rocks in their joints so unless you are attacked by, fell onto or even hit with a rock in one your joints and it gets stuck, one simply cannot get rockjoint through their meat. Perhaps speaking to the misguided merchant, she will help deter other shoppers from being misled by this false advertising. It was a perfectly good idea that she started off to do when something happened…

“Running a little low on coin, eh lass?” Some voice cooed at her.

Lurren froze in place, silently sending a message to Indigoblade that if this is whom she needs to speak with…thank you! She turned her head sideways to find a green-eyed, red haired man wearing fine clothes standing next to her holding a bottle containing some unknown liquid. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Your pockets. They are a little low on coin. I can tell.” The smooth voice replied.

Lurren just laughed at the coin expert and shook her head. “And you want me to go make you some coin so you can help align my pockets with it? Am I right?”

Brynjolf shrugged, “Wealth is my business but if you aren’t interested, suit yourself.”

“It does sound tempting and all but at the moment, I am on a very important mission and need to speak with someone. Perhaps you could help with that?”

His head shook no. “Sorry, lass. Can’t help you.”

“Why not? I just need to find this person, point me in the right direction. I know the name.” Her hands rested upon her hips as she prepared to duke it out with this man.

“I have a job to do as well, lass and looks like without your help, you don’t get my help.”

“So, if I am following you correctly, you won’t help me unless I help you?” She was looking around the market area to see if punching this stubborn mule would get her into trouble. Mentally she also retracted her thank you to Indigoblade from earlier.

“Aye, lass. Now do you want in on the action or not?”

Her right hand was doing circles between them as she tried again to just get an answer to her question. “All I want to know is where someone is. How about this? I ask my question first then we talk about your deal. Deal?”

Brynjolf thought for a moment then agreed to her terms. “Very well, I’ll entertain you some more. Who are you looking for?”

“Thank you…now the person I am seeking, well, it’s not exactly who I am seeking though it could be but that will be determined once I figure out who that person is.” Lurren was opening up her knapsack to retrieve the notebook. “Just one moment and here we are.” She flipped opened the book to the To Do List page and moved one finger down the page.

“What in the name of oblivion are you doing, lass?” Brynjolf was starting to rethink his partnership with her.

Her eyes looked over the book toward the man, “Checking my notes, don’t want to give up the wrong name.”

A puzzled Brynjolf asked, “I thought you knew the name?”

She was busy reviewing her notes as one hand waved in the air dismissing the question. “Oh I do.”

“I mean, don’t you know it without the book, lass? Daylight is a wastin’ and there is work to be done.” Brynjolf swung the bottle in his hand side to side to emphasis his point. “I certainly didn’t agree to you having to look it up.”

She snapped the book shut and glared at him, “So you are backing out of the deal? Your part of it? I will have you know that I was still checking my facts to the facts of the facts. No reason to store mindless information such as someone’s name into my memory system when one of the facts to the fact of what books are for is to record such information. Granted information is far more eligible with using the proper tools to scribe into one of these sai..”

“Stop! You win…the name is?”

Flipping open the book again, she scanned the page. “Let’s see here…ah yes, I am looking for Brynjolf.”

One finger from Brynjolf’s right hand flew up into the air, “Could you wait here for one second, lass?”

“Well, if you say so.” She was flipping through the book of bandits while she waited for the man to return.

Brynjolf tossed the potion bottle aside then went into the Bee and Barb tavern and straight to the counter. “Give me the strongest drink you have, Keerava. In fact, give me two bottles of it.”

“New in town, eh? Here for the fishing?” Some man wearing a silly hat said to Lurren as she waited for sweet voiced man to come back.

She shook her head, “No, I’m here to see someone, if I can find him or her.”

Bolli moved his eyes up and down the stranger’s body. She was beautiful and with those Dibella tricks Helga has been teaching him perhaps this doll would like to discover those joys as well. “I could probably help you, I know most people in town since I am the only fisherman here.”

“Perfect, I could use someone like you, always eager to help out and please.” Lurren replied.

“Oh yes, I certainly like to please and if you need anything, anything at all, you just let me know.  Now, who are you…” His words were interrupted when the tavern doors swung open and Brynjolf stood hanging onto to each door, drunk.

“All fight, sass…I back.” He tumbled with every step going toward her.

She smiled at Bolli then looked over at Brynjolf. “Excellent, now where can I find Brynjolf?”

Brynjolf leaned on the brick wall with one arm and shook a finger at her, “I hota pullshin fur ya. Fit ya write up.” He leaned over the wall, clearly out of reach to his potions and waving one hand back and forth in hopes of snagging one in the process.

Lurren rolled her eyes and wondered if she should just leave Riften, Skyrim, Indigoblade’s employment, maybe Tamriel all together. She was sure life was normal before Skyrim…sure it was, wasn’t it?

He was now beating on his chest like some troll in the wild warning you that he sees your presence so run. “Iams Bryntop, tass. Eye, all has been ways.”

She glanced at Bolli who still stared at her with that mind of his in full image of them together. “I have a boat if you would like to see and feel how she handles on the water.”

“If it gets me closer to who I am looking for, I could go for some fishing.”

“Thought you were looking for Brynjolf?” Bolli asked while Helga tossed him dirty looks from afar and his wife spent his coin on jewelry.

Lurren was nodding her head, “Yes, yes, Brynjolf is whom I need to speak with. Though is he the one I am really seeking within the walls of Riften? That is the question. While most seemed to have pointed me toward Brynjolf, most could not assure me he was who I was looking for. That could be due to the fact I did not mention whom I was trying to locate since some information is confidential. Should one ask the questi….”

Bolli had enough; he patted Brynjolf on the shoulder and commented as he headed toward the tavern. “She’s all yours, old boy.”

Brynjolf replied still hanging onto the wall and one arm swinging at his side: “Grate!”

Lurren stared at Brynjolf who was slowly sinking to the ground on his way to passing out. When he slumped to the floor, the extortionist came flying out of the tavern and straight to the drunk. “What have you done?” She demanded of Lurren.

Lurren looked side to side at the gaping faces glued upon her, they were shocked that she managed to kill Brynjolf right before their very eyes without using her weapon or magicka. Apparently they had hoped he was dead when everyone broke out with mugs and mead to celebrate. It was only when two other large men came out of nowhere and hoisted Brynjolf up to take him away did the townsfolk stop cheering and sadly returned to work.

The angry woman folded her arms and demanded Lurren get lost “I have no business with you, now get out of my face.”

That one finger shot straight up into the air, “Not so fast…I do have business with you.”

Sapphire smirked, “Yeah, what about?”

Lurren had her dislikes, opinions and feelings about things and this woman before her was headed for the dislike category. “About your dirty dealings with a certain individual.”

She was picking up the potion Brynjolf tossed earlier when she just shrugged, “It’s pretty simple, I lent him some gold and now he says he can’t pay me back.”

“In my experience, lending coin to someone then stealing what they use the coin on and demanding the coin back is considered poor business practices. You aren’t a poor business partner, are you?” Lurren wore disgust on her face while speaking to Sapphire. She knew her kind, seen them many times over working for Indigoblade, never good enough to be the best, making stupid mistakes trying to look fabulous for their sexy boss.

‘Who is this person?’ Sapphire wondered silently. Brynjolf had said nothing in the tavern, just ordered drink after drink. Talen-Jei had to cut him off eventually and kept asking him what was wrong with Brynjolf only pointing to the tavern door. “All right, all right, tell Shadr that he doesn’t owe my anything.”

“Excellent, I think you will be glad that you made this decision.” Lurren forcibly smiled at the woman.

“I hope we see each other again real soon.” Sapphire offered before heading back into the tavern.

Lurren just shook her head and wondered where they took Brynjolf. Ah yes, the rockjoint merchant, perhaps she will help out.

“I have something for you, your hands only.” The courier came running up to her, waving a rolled up piece of paper. “Let’s see here now….not sure who from, only said someone called VTM. That’s it, gotta go.”

She looked down at the parchment in her hand and wondered who was VTM. Better question was how did that courier know where to find her. She didn’t like those sneaky types, those sleuths with that tracking nose and unnerving ability to know more about you than you knew yourself.

“Come to the Ragged Flagon under Riften…must speak with you immediately.” Read the entire message when she opened it. She looked up to find the citizens of Riften pointing down with their fingers. Guess this message wasn’t so private after all! Lurren simply smiled while passing them on her way to the steps leading down to the bottom half of the town.

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