When No Nonsense Meets No Sense

Thrynn already heard about the ditsy woman in the Flagon looking for him. What he could not figure out was why. Those days were behind him, now merely a tale he would share in conversations at random times. He wasn’t a thief, his specialty was his fists and using them on someone to teach a lesson was what the guild and Maven needed him for. Never in his wildest imagination would he have expected some woman to come looking for him because of his past. His piercing brown eyes stayed locked upon her, something he had noticed that seemed to unnerve her slightly.

Lurren realized Delvin was right and she had to speak with the man for record purposes only, of course. A few quick words with him, a swift good-bye and out of the door she goes with notes added later to her status report for the boss man. She took a deep breath, reached down and scooped up one of the many bottles of mead from a table to take a drink. Tossing a quick glance over at the giant, she decided a long drink was needed before approaching him and preceded to drink as long as possible. With mead surging through her system, she calmly headed over to Thrynn after placing the empty bottle back on the table. “It is my understanding you are who I have been looking for.”

“I doubt it.”

“You doubt what? That I was looking for you or my understanding of the person I was looking for.” Lurren asked back to the ‘short answers only’ man.

“All of it.”

Well at least, his lips moved along with those eyes, she thought while figuring the next course of action to take. Her new plan consisted of moving him away from the crowd that watched them like members of the audience at some play or bard sing-a-long festival. She couldn’t get her hand to even wrap around his large arm but she managed to grab on somehow and took two steps forward then flew three steps back.

Thrynn’s eyes only followed the forward and backward motions without moving his body at all. He was much taller than her, certainly stronger and muscular and yet, she thought she could drag him by the arm to another spot. Not once but twice…

Taking a deep breath, she attempted to move the two-legged brick for the second time with pretty much the same results. “Stubborn mule!” she thought while hatching out a new method of dealing with this monster. Apparently he is more into confrontations and direct dealings, maybe she should duke it out with him in a friendly brawl. “Oh, what I am thinking, of course he would lose.” She finally turned to face him directly after having to look up slightly. “Is it true that  you were once a bandit?”

“Yeah, what of it?”

“What is this? Don’t you know how to structure a sentence that had more than three or four words in it?” She felt like she was talking to the wall and it was getting her nowhere.

Only silence came back to her from the statue with roving eyes.

This time she dropped her knapsack onto the closest table, yanked it opened and dug out her mission book and quill. Lurren was reading each page until she found the one needed for this particular situation. Tapping her quill into the ink, she whispered to Brynjolf, “Are you sure that is the right one?”

Brynjolf enjoying the drama and pain she was suffering, only grinned and softly sang to her, “Aye, lass.”

Marching back to the man, she turned her mission book around to him with the quill being handed over as well. “Could you sign here that your lack of the Nordic vocabulary was so limited that I was not able to engage your assistance in my mission?”



“Still negative.”

‘This certainly isn’t working out well’, she thought while devising plan C and for good measure D, E and F as well. “Could I speak with you like over there in private, perhaps?”


Out with plan C and in with plan D. “Fine! So you were part of a bandit clan, correct?”

That huge chest of his inflated as it puffed up when Thrynn decided to tell about his years in the clan. “Small clan…” Then quickly it deflated back to its original extra large size.

“Excellent, you are one. Now let’s go.” This was plan D, forceful, affirmative action and definitely a go-getter. Certainly would energize the largest of crowds to the smallest of bunnies.

“I don’t think so.”

“Oh golly…why not?” Her arms dangled loosely at her sides with hands holding either the book or quill. “Do you have any idea what I have gone through just to find you?” Lurren stuffed the mission book and quill into his folded arms then began walking around the bar area, venting her frustrations.” First, the whole malfunction thing that boss man claims to be a simple failure. No idea where Ratsout is, though I did find the Ratsway but that is not the same thing. After this minor miscalculation in the shop where these are built and forged or is it forged and built, can never remember which is correct. Mainly due to the one fact is I am not a blacksmith, though it is an interesting trade.” She picked up a bottle of fresh mead from Vekel’s counter and handed it to Brynjolf, who promptly opened it with his teeth. “To think that I was forced to endure..” She looked over at Thrynn who was staring down at his arms and didn’t appear too pleased with what he saw.

“Now what?”

“Your ink and my armor.”


Thrynn couldn’t believe the size of the ink stain forming on his armor. Tonilia was busy checking her supplies for a replacement she could give him. Luckily she had one that would fit, was for Dirge as a bribe to keep quiet about her affair with Brynjolf but she can always find another one.

Lurren walked over carefully and plunked the two items off of their pedestal. The ink spot was a bit round and the size of a gold piece but a few adjustments here and there with the armor and it would look good as new.

Finally, Vex could not take it any longer and elected herself by self-declaration as the community organizer. “This is silly and has gone on far enough.”

“I agree!” Piped in Lurren who was told to pipe down by Vex.

“You stay quiet.” Vex stated through gritted teeth. “Thrynn, either go with her or say you won’t.”

“If I could interject here…I do believe he said negative.” Lurren offered his side of the story.

Vex motioned with her hand to the outer door, “Then go, he’s not going with you and we have work to. Time is money.”

Lurren’s eyes drank in the massive body that man had as Tonilia helped him change from the ruined armor top to a new one. He was so handsome and she reminded her mind quickly to keep it focused on the mission and Nylus.

“Did you hear me?” The sassy voice floated into Lurren’s ear breaking that journey her mind was on.

Lurren simply nodded and stuffed the items back into her knapsack then looked up at the big man still holding up the wall. “Well, at least it wasn’t a wild skeever chase after all.” With that she turned on one heel and headed back toward the way she came in.

Vekel the Man watched her walk off and sighed, he didn’t want to see her leave. If nothing else, she was a lot of fun to have around and certainly helped his sales. He was considering maybe hiring her to work for him, for entertainment purposes and not so much as a tavern server. No, she definitely wasn’t any tavern wench but what was she.

“I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m glad that’s over.” Vex declared while getting the gang more mead to celebrate the silence. Plus she always liked how Brynjolf used his teeth to open the bottles, if he just wasn’t sneaking around with Tonilia.

Lurren’s feet were suddenly walking on air as she was being lifted up some by hands on her upper arms and carried to an empty alcove. Thrynn plopped her back on the ground and spun her around, “Who are you?” He demanded.

“Goodness, that man is strong!” Lurren’s mind danced with romantic thoughts of being swept away in his arms, wrapped in tenderness when the dream broke apart.”

“Did you hear me?” Thrynn demanded.

“Hard not to.” She wondered if he had ever heard his voice, definitely one of a kind.

“Start talking then.”

“I’m Agent Lurr..”

“Agent? Seriously? You?”

Taking a deep breath, she glared up at him. “I’m Agent Lurren Genadyrose of the OBIS, Inc., part of the division under Indigoblade & Co.”

Thrynn moved to a new wall and promptly set up home there. “You from Skyrim?”


“Must be from elsewhere then.” He winked at her.

“Must be.” She swore he winked at her but the lighting and that shadow stripping might have her fooled.

Those massive arms moved some crates and barrels out of the way exposing a chair. “Please.” Thrynn pointed at the chair to give her somewhere to sit. “What you do want from me?”

“Oh that’s a dangerous question,” she thought as she sat down. This man was in her blood now, her project and above all, she needed him for the mission. “I’m hunting down some bandits and my boss referred me to you. He thought your knowledge of Skyrim would aid me in my mission, providing you will come with me.” Her aqua iced eyes glazed up at Thrynn and smiled, knowing full well she was the master at the game she was playing.

“Okay, okay, you talked me into it.” Thrynn pushed off the wall and prepared to leave. He wanted out of the Cistern anyway, the dirt, the moisture, it’s disgusting after a while. She was beautiful, he liked beautiful women around him but mostly he was legendary at playing this game.

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