All Agents On The Job

Lurren was in shock over his agreement to follow while digging through her knapsack for the journal. Still it’s an odd thing about the Stormcloaks having her belongings, though a few things were missing. Her coin purse hurt the most, forcing Lurren to start over again. Need to be sure to ask the healer about the knapsack but for now, she must concentrate on the immediate.

She was flipping through the pages when she asked Thrynn for help, “Could you fetch me the ink pot from Byrnjolf’s table? It may or may not be there but check with Vekel if it’s gone.” Noting she heard no movement one eye looked up at the man still leaning against the wall with his arms folded. “Please?”

He never moved, just stared at her.

After rubbing her eyes then pinching the bridge of her nose, she stood up and walked defiantly past him. “Worthless.” She muttered under her breath, just loud enough for him to hear but soft enough to keep it between them.

Delvin Mallory, Brynjolf and Dirge were playing cards when she approached. Brynjolf popped up three bottles of mead using his teeth quickly and gave one to each of them. Her hand swooped down and snagged the inkpot from the table while the other hand did some magicka trick and scored an opened bottle of mead. She simply smiled at the trio and walked off.

Thrynn was still in the same spot when she returned, which came to no surprise to Lurren. She shoved the opened bottle toward him that he removed and took a drink from. Picking up her journal and moving the knapsack to the ground next to the chair, she sat down and prepared to update her notes.

To Do List – Update Two
1) Go to Skyrim – check!
2) Go to Riften – check!
3) Find Ralof – anywhere, everywhere
4) Go to Whiterun
5) Speak to some Jarl in Whiterun
6) Find Brynjolf in the marketplace – Riften – check!
7) Talk to Sapphire about some robbery gone good for her and bad for another – Riften – check!
8) Find that person in Riften she needs to talk to.- Found – Check!
9) Speak to that sobbing boy about being debt free – Riften Stables
10) Speak to the Rockjoint merchant – Riften (personal task to save lives!)

Pleased with the progress so far, she figured in two stops this To-Do list would be completed and she could get back to the main purpose of her being in Skyrim. Ralof was a different matter entirely. She would always look for him but not knowing where he was made it difficult to complete that one. “How funny.” she thought, “I made a promise to him and he isn’t even aware of it.” It wasn’t that she had to see him but she needed to see him. In the quiet moments, his voice would echo back into her thoughts, like he’s calling for her to help him now. Realizing the man was staring hard down at her, the image of Ralof shattered and she was brought back into focus.

Inking the quill tip, she looked up at the man and asked, “What is your name?”


“Maybe to call you by it or I could go with Man-of-Wall. Could be I am required to make reports and missing details are those minor things the boss man gets upset over.” She lamented over why he couldn’t speak full sentences, must be a voice issue and his vocal cords are damaged in some sort of a strange way.

He smiled at her and replied, “Thrynn.”

“As in Renny-Thrynn-Thrynn?” She asked while scribbling his name in the report.


“All right then. Last name?” She looked up at him.


“Your name is Thrynn Thrynn? Who names their child the same name, that’s utter nonsense!” She was stunned to learn this poor man had gone through life with the same name twice.

“Do you ever blink?” Thrynn inquired.


“Your eyes, you don’t blink.”

“Yes, I do. I’m just fast at blinking.” Unbelievable, here she is trying to make some reports and he wants to discuss her blinking ability.

“Nah, I don’t think so.” He shook his head while shifting slightly against the wall.
Lurren decided her blinking and her reports were two different matters, he must be led back to her questions…not his. “You don’t have a last name then?”

“Use Genadyrose.”

“Very good, so,” she wrote the name in the book and repeated it for confirmation. “Your name is Thrynn Usegenadyrose. Rather odd you have part of my last name in yours…but I suppose it could happen. Not that I have met all of my relatives, past or future and one doesn’t know how their name was originated.” She looked up at one corner of the room, tapping the quill on her cheek. “I should retract that since the ones who decided upon the name know. What is more interesting is who decided to use that name? Was it a group decision, did they vote? Did the vote counter vote as well and when did the vote counter vote? That’s important to know since that one vote could decide the final outcome or it could be a moot point.”

Thrynn moved off the wall and closer to her chair. “You sure about that blinking?”

“That’s a moot point! I blink, OK? I realize this is probably something that bugs you and you are sure something happened that broke my blinking ability but I assure you this is not the case.”

“If you say so.” He just shrugged and went to the alcove entrance to survey the other guild members.

Lurren studied him from behind, what made this man tick and just how dangerous was him. His body sculptured in waves of muscles had her eyes sliding over him like a tender caress. She yearned for Nylus, another strong Nord man who’s build was massive and well maintained. His long black hair against his ocean blue eyes and chiseled facial features made him extremely handsome. He didn’t have a voice like Thrynn but it was just as forceful and gentle at the same time. However, Thrynn was entirely a different matter and if Nylus didn’t get to Skyrim soon, everything would be different. She broke from her trance and went back to work on her notes.

Thrynn turned around to Lurren, “Where are we headed from here?”

“After the Riften stables, to Helgen.”

“Wasn’t Helgen hit by a dragon?” Thrynn asked moving back inside and tossing his empty mead bottle atop some hay bales in the room with them.

“Indeed.” She was wrapping up the notes to Indigoblade.

“And you want to go there?”

“That we do.” Closing the journal, she replaced everything back into her knapsack and stood up.

“Why go there?” Thrynn had heard about the attack but wasn’t positive that it truly happened until now.

She folded her arms across her chest and stared up at him, “I’m looking for someone.”

“If what I heard is true, there’s no one left.” He noticed her stance; a sign that she wasn’t budging on this one.

She walked past him then turned around, “It’s true but this is something I must do. So, if you are coming with me that does mean you follow everywhere that I lead us. No questions, no debates, no nothing. Unless, of course, I ask you something but I am only after one thing…a person, solid flesh, in the shape of some bandit lord.”

Thrynn laughed out loud, a deep hearty chesty boom. “A bandit lord? You? Agent Lurren, was it?”

Her eyes narrowed, flashing stink eye looks toward Thrynn. “Oh little does he know, I’m the best there is, in all of Skyrim, in all of Tamriel. Give me some time, dear one,” she thought to herself, “and you will see.”

“For your information, I know as well as the boss man that me finding one of them or even two is slim. But we must try regardless of our skill level, and yes, it is Agent Lurren, which I might add you will use to address me by at all times.” She knew that was sticking it to him, showing who was the leader and boss woman. Naturally, she is not a handsome boss woman but certainly a sexy one. “There are many bandits in Skyrim, some organized and maybe some not so organized but many are here. Chisel away at them and one is bound to talk is my theory, until proven wrong then the theory is credited to someone else.”

“What if they just keep coming?” He just couldn’t believe the way she just carried conversations into oblivion and back. Women were interesting creatures, he always loved them but never had he come across anything like this one.

Lurren waved her hand in the air, “Won’t happen, they will be dead. Therefore, as they are picked off and the herd is thinned out, one will spill the beans in exchange for their life. Commonly these are known as the bandit looter, they believe death is highly overrated and will cooperate with you at first opportunity. That is, of course, if you can catch them as the looter is also the main thief, which you know are of the sneaky type.” She had been walking back and forth, making dramatic gestures as if the dust particles were part of her audience listening closely to her every word because Thrynn certainly wasn’t.

He had gone to the alcove opening, whistled for Vekel’s attention and held up two fingers. While Lurren continued her speech Brynjolf had the bottles opened and in Thrynn’s hands. He downed both bottles with one in each hand, returned them empty back to Brynjolf and walked into the alcove before she was done. “Where to after Helgen? May know some spots for you check if you need a lead.”

“No, no, I lead, you follow.” She replied while preparing to start their trek. “After Helgen, it’s Whiterun, need to see someone there.”

Thrynn wasn’t too confident about this journey; she does seem to need to see a lot of people here. “One thing for sure,” he thought while following her out, “if nothing else, it may be…interesting.”

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