The Quests Didn’t Stop Here

The guard inside the gate didn’t even flinch or move when Lurren was tossed by. “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Watch the feet!” He offered as advice as she did a jingle to get back to a normal walking position.

A courier raced toward her, waving a rolled parchment in the air, ”I’ve been looking for you, got something for your hands only. Let’s see here.” He said while handing her the messages. “Said it was from boss man, whatever that meant but looks like that’s it. Gotta go.”

Lurren leaned against the brick wall that protected the entrance to Whiterun and unrolled the message. Secretly, she had hoped it was from Nylus saying he was here and to meet him somewhere. Knowing the courier said it was from Indigoblade instead she started reading.


Agent Lurren,

I don’t have a lot of time to be writing formal letters so just this once will I make an exception. As you know per the OBIS rules and regulations guidebook, status reports are required. Refer to your manual for the page number this policy is on and review.

 I do not have a single report from you on this matter. Please see this is corrected immediately. I will not accept anything less that does not have all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed.

Furthermore, there has been word of the following activity in Skyrim working in conjunction with bandits. My sources say they are getting organized with a strong probability of being united to overtake Skyrim. Be on the lookout for any of the following:


Nordic Outlaws

Report back if you find any of these. I will send new agents to handle those issues. You must stay focused on the bandits. Did you find that ex-bandit yet?

For the more urgent matter, I received a message that was intercepted from a Lighting Wolf courier. It provided me with a name, Lord Vok. It appears there is trouble bre..


Lurren dropped to the hard ground and passed out with the papers rolling from her hand.

A man’s hand reached down and picked them up then he turned to the woman after stuffing her letters into his pocket. Nikolai had followed her from a distance since her arm would only be a disadvantage in a fight. At least, he could offer some help if foe or predator attacked her. He watched the Companions and her interactions and knew unless Lurren sent the first punch; there would be no bloodshed. He bent down and lifted her up over his shoulder then headed toward the tavern.

When Hulda heard the front door opened, she hollered out one of her few standard lines. “Come on in. Let me know if you need anything, or take a seat by the fire and I’ll send…by the nine, what happened? She cried out seeing the man with a woman hanging limply over his shoulder. “Saadia dear?

“Yes, Mum?” The redguard woman scurried into the room and saw the situation. “Come this way, follow me. Bring her here.” She was headed up the stairs to the guestroom above the main tavern room.

Nikolai gently laid Lurren into the bed then knelt down to look closer at her arm wound. “She needs a healer, I will go get one.” He arose then walked past Saadia and another woman at the door staring over at Lurren.

Saadia followed him to get some cloths and water to wash up the wound.

Vilja stepped up to the bed and pulled over a chair to sit down. She studied the woman’s features and wondered if they knew each other from another time. “Blast it all. Had I not lost my flute I could serenade her back to health.” She told Hulda who was just coming into the room for her inspection.

“When she gets better, might ask her for help in finding it.” Hulda offered as she fluffed the pillow then shoved it back under Lurren’s head. “All right, dear…I’ll be downstairs, holler if you need anything, Vilja.”

“That’s a good idea, Hulda. I will stay with her until she is better. She looks so sweet, probably a very helpful person.” Vilja decided to be Lurren’s guardian angel and watched over her like a hawk.

Nikolai returned with Arcadia in tow and showed her the wound he was concerned about.

Pulling open her little black bag, she clinked bottles together while searching for the ones she wanted.

Saadia was dabbing at the area around the wound and rinsing the cloth when Arcadia walked over with a potion. “Help me lift her up, need to get some disease cure into her. What caused this wound? Looks like it was pierced, I can’t tell how deep it is.”

The warrior didn’t need any help lifting Lurren up to give Arcadia the right angle for administering the medicine. “I sensed she had been shot by an arrow..” He slowly lowered her back to the bed.

“I see.” Arcadia placed a few healing potions with energy boosters to help Lurren regain her stamina on the table. “Keep an eye on it, she needs rest. Doesn’t seem like the arrow was poisoned otherwise she would not have made it this far.” She tapped on one of the bottles, “Give her these every few hours. I will check on her tomorrow, come get me should her condition change for the worst.”

Saadia and Arcadia left together, leaving Vilja and Nikolai with Lurren.

“Did you see two filthy bastards leaving Whiterun?” Vilja asked Nikolai.

He was staring down at Lurren. “No, sorry.”

“Blast it.” Vilja offered back in response.

Lurren tossed in the bed, images floated in ghostly forms all speaking at the same time without uttering a sound in her mind.

Vilja looked at the man, curious about him. “This your wife?”


She gestured with her hand at Lurren. “Her. Your wife?”

His laughter shot around the room, “Not at all. I have no idea who she is.”

She liked people who put others before their own needs. “Lucky for her you came along.”

“Not really, she came in where I was first. Saw the wound she had.” He was wiping her sweaty forehead with a damp cloth. “She’s some agent. Lurren, I believe she said. Agent Lurren.”

“My grandmother told me that her grandfather told her agents are some sort of sneaky types. Auntie Gonegone, who was part of my father’s side of the family before she went gone permanently, always said there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who sneak and those who do not.” She smiled brilliantly at Nikolai. “No wiser words spoken then those right there.”

He just stared at Vilja and thought, “What a lost soul she is.” But replied instead, “Well, if you say so.”

Lurren’s eyes flew open and she sat much too quickly. She fell back onto the pillow and moaned while her hands rubbed each temple.

“Hold on there, lady.” Nikolai sprung into action to help the injured patient.

“Where am I?” Lurren asked weakly.

Vilja;s face leaned over Lurren’s, “The Bannered Mare in Whiterun.”

One eye popped open to see where that voice came from.

A smiling face beamed back at the one eye, “I’m Vilja. I’m here to help you.”

“With what?” Lurren’s high alert senses just coursed through her damaged body.

A chair scrapped across the floor as Vilja pulled another forward. “Oof, stubbed my toe! I’m going to help you help me.”

Lurren couldn’t believe her ears. “Go away.”

Nikolia pulled the letters from his pocket and placed them into Lurren’s hand. “These are yours.”

She slightly turned her head toward the voice and smiled weakly. “You again.”

He patted her arm while smiling, “Aye.” Deciding the crisis was over, he left to get a drink from Hulda and listen to Mikael perform.

While, on the other hand, Mikael was driving Lurren mad. She hated bards and taverns. There was no way she was going to stay in the music hall and began to sit up.

“No, no. You can’t get up, must rest were the orders.” Vilja jumped from her chair and put one hand on Lurren’s shoulder.

One eye narrowed at that hand holding her back from doing her job and Lurren chomped at it. “Move your hand or lose it.”

“Well, aren’t you just the most unpleasant person I have ever met.” Her arms went across her chest and Vilja was none to pleased with Lurren.

Lurren was forcing her body to get up and out of this place. “We haven’t met and you haven’t seen anything yet.” The papers crumpled in her hand when pressure was applied, she yanked them open remembering the courier giving something to her. She scanned Indigoblade’s letter until she reached:


“For the more urgent matter, I received a message that was intercepted from a Lighting Wolf courier. It provided me with a name, Lord Vok. It appears there is more trouble brewing in Skyrim than anticipated. Make your way to Markarth after reading the attachment. This is urgent, Agent Lurren. Just like those status reports.”



OBIS, Inc.


 My Lord Vok,

 I have traveled to the Reach as you requested and managed to gain a foothold there. Unfortunately, I was unable to convince any of the local bandit gangs to join up with the main bulk of our forces due to constant skirmishes with the Forsworn. I actually had a run in with a few of these savages and found that they are quite vicious fighters. Fortunately, someone has been messing up the Forsworn’s plans of the late and caused many of the lesser members to become demoralized. I found an entire encampment of Forsworn ready to sign up for our cause as soon as they learned who I was! I won’t be able to recruit any of the Reach’s few bandit gangs for now, but I am sure to bring you at least as many Forsworn to make up for it.

 Along the way to the Reach, I found a body with a very strange smell and orange color. The body is obviously wracked with disease and death, but when I got closer to check on it I found that the person was still alive! I disposed of the diseased one with haste in hopes that it would not attract them to come out of the shadows. I am sure that if ‘they’ found out of this new disease, they will weaponize it and spread it amongst their members. My Lord, I highly suggest you do not tell them of my discovery for I truly detest those disease obsessed zealots and rather they not come out to harvest this new sickness; especially so close to me. Though I trust my Lord’s judgment if you decide to bring them here, to my displeasure.

For the Lawless,

Cerus Cia

Vokman Automation Maste

Her eyes raced back to one line in the entire message. “Did you find that ex-bandit yet?” She dropped back onto the bed remembering she left Thrynn passed out drunk in the grass somewhere back in Riverwood. She needed to get back to him before things got worse…

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