All Booked Up

“I’m so grateful that you are helping me with those thieves.” Vilja told Thrynn but caused Lurren to stop and turn around.

“What?”  Lurren wanted to know about this unknown quest.

“My item, it’s precious.”

“Ah, your ring.  Where did you lose this ring?”

Vilja looked surprised, “What?  My item is not a ring.”


“Those two thieves stole something from me and I need to get it back.  You said you would help me.”  Vilja was starting to not like her new friend.

“I did?  Could you excuse me for a moment?”

“Of course.”  She started minding her own business in the meantime.

Lurren motioned Thrynn over and leaned close to him while checking distance from them and that new follower.  “Did you or we or I agree to help her?”

Thrynn simply shrugged, “I know I didn’t and we definitely didn’t so maybe you did.”

“Uh-huh, I see.”  Lurren returned to Vilja to clarify one point.  “Did I agree to help you?”

Vilja stopped admiring the lavenders growing by the dead tree and nodded.  “You did, when I said I was helping you to help me.”

“But that’s not me agreeing to it!”  Lurren cried.

“I did help you and if you had one decent fiber in your body, you would do your part and help me as pre-arranged.”  Vilja was stubborn and refused to change her stand on the entire matter.  “A deal is a deal.”

Lurren gave up and stormed out of Whiterun. Her arm throbbed but the bleeding stopped thanks to that little helper tagging along.  When they got to the road sign, Lurren stopped to study it.

Vilja offered some direction, “Those thieves must be close, and maybe we should look over by the meadery.”

“According to my notes and this sign, that is in the opposite direction so we can check on those thieves upon our return in that direction.”  Lurren was looking toward the path for Markarth and pointing with her arm at the opposite way.  It was when she noticed the way to Markarth was getting longer and her arm was leading her the wrong way.

Thrynn had grabbed Lurren’s extended arm when Vilja pulled his and led them toward the spot where she thinks those thieves may OR may not be.

“I am so grateful you are helping me.”  Vilja reminded them as she continued to pull the team closer to the meadery.  “Some times you can find butterflies along the road here.”

“Yeah? Sometimes you can find dea…” Lurren started to say until Thrynn yanked on her arm causing her to focus on her footing instead.

Noromir was scolding his buddy when the trio showed up.  “I told you to not open the bottle, didn’t I?”

Draknurd Nottleback was trying to get the wood elf to take the bottle.  “Take it, take the damn bottle…just take it.”

When Vilja stopped so did Thrynn but Lurren smashed into his side. “Those are the filthy bastards who stole my item.  Go get them.”

Lurren peeked around Thrynn then looked up at him.  “I suppose she is talking to you.”

“Negative.”  The giant replied.

“When you said go get them, you did mean for Thrynn, so go ahead and give confirmation on that.”  Lurren licked one finger and marked the air to show Thrynn she won this round.

“He needs to stay here protecting me from that big mean Nord so you must go.” Vilja moved slightly closer to Thrynn.

Thrynn merely looked down at Agent Lurren while making a minus sign in the air.  “I believe it has been confirmed.”  He smirked just before flinging her with the snap of his arm toward the men.

“Stay away from me!”  The wood elf shrieked as Lurren tumbled into the men.

“It’s cursed, I tell you, look what happened.”  The big Nord was pointing at Lurren.

“I told you to not open the bottler, didn’t I?”  Noromir kept insisting to his friend.

Lurren finally came to a stop and put one finger up, “If I may have whatever you took from that lady over there, I will be on way.”

Draknurd felt he needed to explain their actions to Lurren, “Look, I know it was wrong to steal but me and my buddy were thirsty and the little lady wasn’t looking.  But now it cursed me, I don’t want to be cursed so you take the cursed bottle.  Please, take it, please tell her we are sorry, please I don’t want to be cursed.”

She punched the big nord on his shoulder in a friendly manner, “Well, aren’t you just the sweetest thing and so polite.  You just go ahead and give me the bottle.”

“Ah, shucks.”  He dug one toe into the ground. “Yer makin’ me blush.  Me mum would be proud.”

When he handed her the bottle, Lurren tossed it to Vilja then declared the emergency was over and time to move on.

Vilja was juggling with the bottle in the air when Thrynn calmly reached over and caught it with one hand.  The gorgeous man handed her the bottle along with a sweet smile.

Lurren walked over to Thrynn and Vilja to explain how the two men would not break the law ever again. “It was nice knowing you, Vilja, good luck.  Thrynn, let’s head to Markarth.”  She didn’t get very far when the sounds of following footsteps were not being heard.  “Thrynn?”

No reply.

Never hurts to try again. “Thrynn?”

Still nothing.

Lurren looked over her shoulder to find Thrynn and Vilja standing with their arms crossed.  “Thrynn, Markarth, Bandits, Come, Follow…” She was motioning for him to hurry up but he never moved.  “Okay fine, what is it now?”  Lurren asked upon returning to them.

“That’s not the way to Bleak Falls Barrow.”  Vilja answered.

“Considering I don’t know the way to the barrow but I do know the way to Markarth, I’m going there.  Thrynn?”

“I can show you.”  Vilja beamed up at Thrynn.  “I’ve been programmed by my parents to be independent.”

“That’s a admirable goal.”  He pinched her cheek causing Vilja to giggle.

Lurren was feeling sick at the two love puppies, “I don’t care about any dragon or stone or tablet or Dragonstone tablet that may OR may not be in some ruin.  What I do care about is bandits and bandits are not dragons so we go to Markarth!”

“You don’t know that.”  Vilja said while gazing up at Thrynn’s eyes.

“Yes, I do!”  Lurren’s arms flew up then down in response.

“Nah, I don’t think so.”  Thrynn offered as he stroked the side of Vilja’s cheek.

Lurren shook one finger at the couple that didn’t even notice.  “I have, in fact, the book that clearly states bandits are not dragons.”

Thrynn shot a quick look over at Lurren.  “A book of bandits stating they are not dragons?  You expect me to believe that?”

Lurren was digging through her knapsack, yanking out a few books to check their titles before finding the book she needed.  “Here we go…”

Vilja loved seeing the new book and offered to read it to Lurren.

“I don’t need you to read this to me, I already know what it says.”  Lurren held up the small leather notebook and shook it.  “Not that I have read it myself but it does make reference and I quote.”

Thrynn stopped her immediately, “You are going to quote on a book you have not read?  Just want to clear up that small detail.”  He pinched his thumb and index finger together on that small detail part.

“One does not need to read a book to know what it says.”  The reply came back swiftly to Thrynn.

“Then it’s hearsay, gossip, and rumor unless you read the book yourself.”  Thrynn answered with Vilja nodding in agreement to his wise words.

Lurren sighed at the lack of knowledge these people lacked.  “It’s quite simple, really.”

“Yeah, without a doubt.”  The ex-bandit offered.

“There is a difference between reading and memorizing, I memorized the book from cover to cover.  Actually, it’s quite a gift I have among so many others and when the occasion aris…”

“WHAT?” Thrynn couldn’t believe the utter nonsense she comes up with and reconsidered that two-week notice.  “You had to have read the book to memorize it!”


Vilja was impressed with that ability and wanted to learn it, too.  “Could you teach me that?”

“On second thought, I disagree, Thrynn.  Since I was memorizing the book, and not actually reading it, your argument fails.” Lurren was slowly backing up toward Markarth in hopes they would follow and not notice the direction.

“I want to hear what it says about bandits not being dragons.”  Vilja felt unloved because Lurren didn’t answer her.

“No you don’t.”  Thrynn replied.

“Yes, I do.”  The defiant Vilja said.

“You don’t.”  Thrynn growled.

“I do.”  Vilja put her hands on her hips and glared at him



“Enough!” Shouted Lurren who returned to the squabbling lovebirds.

Thrynn’s eyes narrowed at Lurren, “Indigoblade wrote that book?”

She leaned against the wooden fence outside the meadery and nodded.  “Writes them all, not that we read them aside from me but I memorize instead of read.  One agent took her books home to stack on a kitchen chair so her little boy could reach his food.  Another one seemed to always get books with missing pages,

had to replace them all the time.  Then old Toebender used to boast how he would eat his books if someone cou…”

“I wonder if Toebender knew my great-grandmother.  He sounds really old and probably should not be alive.”  Vilja offered her life’s wisdom to Lurren’s story.

“Look, Thrynn.”  Lurren walked over to him, ignoring the woman with them.  “We need to go to Markarth as I got this letter from boss man abou.” She was digging through her knapsack for the letter.

“Just how many books do you have in there?”  Thrynn wanted to know since she seemed to have a book for everything and anything.

“That’s a good question.”  She was counting on her fingers for a long time.  “Forty-seven and a quarter.”

Thrynn exploded, “You do NOT have forty-seven and a quarter books in there!”

Lurren shrugged, “OK, forty-six and a quarter.”

He was shaking his head no.

“Forty-eight and a quarter?”  She asked him.

“Agent Lurren, I swear you will drive me up the wall.  It is not forty-eight, forty-six or even forty-seven and a quarter.  Books are not quarters, it’s either a full book or not.”

“Pfft…what do you know?  A blank book only a quarter of the way filled is still a quarter of a book.”  She couldn’t believe they didn’t know that about books.

Thrynn decided to go kill something before it was Lurren, and headed for Bleak Falls Barrow just to despite her.

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