Once Was A Dragon

“Sure looks like he has been here.” Irileth was informing her men just in case they could not see the burning tower and mayhem surrounding the area. “We need to spread out and look for survivors.”

“You let me know if you find anything, I’ll be here so get going.” Lurren offered as she sat down to inspect her fingernails.

Irileth marched back to Lurren, “That’s not how it works. You get up and go with us. That is how it works.”

Lurren smiled while pointing one finger at the demanding woman, “If you see any bandits, you let me know. That’s how it works.”

“Look, this is all your fault so get up and put a stop to it.” Her hands were resting on her hips and those Dunmer eyes flashed with anger.

“My fault?” Lurren jumped up to face Irileth. “How does a dragon become my fault?”

“Had you not been at Helgen, the dragon would not have attacked for one. Since you are the only who lived through it, you must be in cahoots with them.”

She turned to Thrynn and Vilja, “Can you believe this woman?” Lurren faced Irileth again, “Just because I survived the attack does not mean I had anything to do with it!”

Vilja didn’t like her best friend being harassed. “If we help you with this dragon, will you no longer think it is her fault?”

“No longer?” Lurren flipped her head over to Vilja. “No longer? It should not be my fault to even start with!”

“That is correct but since it is your fault, you come help.” This time the housecarl grabbed Lurren’s arm and dragged her over to the tower.

Thrynn and Vilja followed leisurely behind, smiling at each other. “We’re off to the kill the dragon, the wonderful dragon of lore…we must, we must, we must kill or else Lurren will take a spill!” Vilja sang to Thrynn who enjoyed the little tune very much. She giggled at her jingle so pleased he was pleased with her.

Lurren looked around, declared no dragon emergency and she was off to better things.

A Whiterun guard was telling Irileth about the two guards who tried to make a run for it when he went pale, “Kynaerth save us, here he comes again.”

Lurren was sent sailing toward the incoming dragon when Irileth tossed her away with a stern warning to take care of her problem. “Here he comes! Take cover and make every arrow count!” She shouted to her men while preparing to battle the over-sized lizard.

Thrynn was twisting one of Vilja’s braids around in his finger while she gazed lovingly up at him. “Dragons? We don’t need no stinkin’ dragons.”

Vilja snuggled closer to him, “Not when we have each other, buttercup.”

Lurren was ducking as the flying creature closed the gap between him and her. His fire breath singed the grass sending smoke high into the air, blocking her view of the dragon.

“My grandmother showed me a trick that her great-grandmother showed her in protecting yourself from a dragon attack. I could use it on us while she solves that problem with her pet.” Vilja proudly boasted to her man.

“If it keeps you safe and out of harm’s way then you should.” Thrynn had been watching the battle of the dragon vs men. His eyes lowered to smile at the young doll clinging on his arm. “I certainly would not want you hurt in any way, shape or form.”

Lurren was busy downing health potions to keep her alive while firing arrows at it. Complete chaos was spinning around the tower with the guards along with Irileth screaming taunts at the dragon.




When the one of Allegiance Strong Hunt roared past Lurren he called to her, “You are brave. Balaan hokoron. Your defeat brings me honor.”

She shook her head to clear the confusion she felt when the dragon spoke. “Don’t you even start thinking you can understand those, girlfriend!” She scolded the thought process within the depths of her mind.

“Brit grah. I had forgotten what fine sport you mortals can provide!”

His spoken tongue jarred Lurren the second time. She followed his trail to the opposite side of the tower only to find Thrynn and Vilja doing nothing but playing kissy face.

Mirmulnir cried as he crumbled to ground, “Dovahkiin! No!!”

The guards who remained started to run toward the dead dragon when Irileth hollered for everyone to get back from the bubbling creature.

Lurren scampered quickly back around the tower as the dragon exploded into flames and shot streaks of strange matter around everyone. She was planted firmly against the tower wall yet the flowing mist found its way to her. Noticing the mist was something Lurren missed because she was planning her attack on the two worthless followers for not helping.

“I can’t believe it!” One Whiterun guard charging toward Lurren called out. “You are Dragonborn.”

She only cocked her head to one side along with shifting her eyes to him. “Surely, you aren’t referring to me.”

“I am. You are can shout now, just like the dragon. Have you tried? Dragonborn is said to be unique in their gifts…”

“Certainly can’t argue with you on that point!” She smiled while pointing one finger at the guard.

“What are you talking about? I have never heard of any Dragonborn.” Another approaching guard stated.

“That’s because this is the first time they have come back since…forever.” The dragon expert informed his student.

“Gentlemen, this is all well and good but I must be going.”

“You can’t leave without shouting.”

She ran one hand through her hair and turned around. “Do you really want me to shout? Because I can shout quite loudly when mad. Come to think of it, I just might demonstrate that ability in about two seconds.”

“What do you have to say about this, Irileth?” You are being awfully quiet.” The third guard asked as they continued to gather around Lurren.

“I don’t know but at least she solved the dragon problem. I doubt she is this Dragonborn, sounds like nonsense to me. Anyone who can help take down a dragon is good enough for me.” She approached Lurren. “You better head back to Whiterun and inform the Jarl. We will stay here for now.”

One arm bent upward with a finger popping out to stop time for the moment, “Excuse me?”

“You should shout before leaving, you know how to shout?” The first guard reminded her again.

Lurren merely smiled, ““You want me to just shout? You know how to shout, don’t you? Just put your lips together and blow.”   Her voice busted out a noise that sent the guards and Lurren fumbling for balance.

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Watch the shouting!” One guard yelled at her.

“That was shouting what you did. You really are Dragonborn.”

Even Lurren didn’t know what to think of that sudden outburst from within her. “Well, if you so. I really must get going…busy, busy, busy.”

“Back to work, boys. Let’s clean up this mess.” Irileth pulled her men away from Lurren.

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