Having Friends Has Its Benefits

Pushing off the wall, Lurren went to find her followers then charged Thrynn at full speed. She leaped on his back and tried to yank him down to the ground.

Thrynn didn’t even blink when the spider monkey jumped his back. Nor did he move while she tried to toss him down. He just kept smiling at Vilja as his finger continued twisting her pigtail.

Lurren grunted as she tried again to have some show of movement from him with the same failing results. Out of frustration, she smacked his shoulder and jumped off. “Thrynn, we need to talk.”

“Speak, Agent Lurren.”

“Alone, Thrynn.” She tried to remove his hand from Vilja’s hair only to be slapped away from his free hand.

“Whatever you have to say, say it here.” His finger tickled Vilja’s chin making her blush.

“Why are you still following us, Vilja? You got your bottle so unless you are giving it to Thrynn to drink, we are done.” Taking charge of her group since she was the leader, it was time to clean house.

“He said I could follow and help me find the Eldergleam Sanctuary.” Her lower lip pouted as she moved closer into Thrynn’s security.

Lurren sighed while sending death threats via eye contact to Thrynn. “He can’t do that.”

“I can.” He offered back.

“No, Thrynn, you can’t.”

“I’m working for him.” Vilja adored her adorable boss man.

“He can’t hire anyone!” Lurren flung her arms in the air in response.

“I do get benefits, right?” Thrynn gave a charming smile at Lurren.

“He should, what kind of employer would not give benefits. Can’t expect their employees to work for free.” Vilja added her grandmotherly wisdom into the hornet’s nest.

“BENEFITS? You expect me to believe that she is one of your benefits!”

Thrynn ran his finger down Lurren’s nose and grinned. “I do indeed. No benefits, no work. I am quite sure, Agent Lurren, that you already know…wait, my mistake. You already have it memorized from one of those famous Indigoblade books that says your employees get benefits.” He winked at Vilja, pulling her closer to him.”

Lurren stood tapping her foot, thinking, processing her memory bank for information on benefits. “All right, let us be clear on this benefit package that you so think you get.”

Both Vilja and Thrynn nodded together, “This should be good.”

“While it is true there are certain benefits while in the employment of OBIS, Inc., it clearly states that the employee cannot decide what those benefits are.”

“Is that a fact, Agent Lurren?” Thrynn warned in a low voice.

“Therefore, since I did not give Vilja as a benefit to you, she must go.” Lurren used her hands to shoo Vilja away. “You may go now.”

Vilja sniffed.

“Now, Thrynn, our plan is to go…well, Whiterun to tell th..”

Vilja sniffed louder.

Thrynn glared at Lurren while wiping one tear from Vilja’s face.   “I quit.”

“You can’t.”

“I can.”



“He can actually.” Vilja spoke up.

Lurren looked at Vilja. “What can he actually do?”

“Quit. We decided that we were knew each other many years ago.” Vilja explained to the OBIS agent. “Since that is true, he definitely had time to give you ample notice about quitting.”

Lurren exploded with a shaking finger up at Thrynn. “You put her up to this, didn’t you? Fine, take your old hag and leave.”

Thrynn shrugged, “Fine, you owe me though.”

“Finally!” She yanked open the knapsack to pull out a gold piece or two for him. “What do I owe you?”

He winked at Vilja, “For my time since Riften, no make that starting at Riften.” He took a deep breath causing Vilja’s head to rise and fall in unison against his chest. “One year severance package and alimony support for life.”

Lurren couldn’t believe her ears, the nerve of this ox. She walked over to Thrynn, took his hand and smacked the two gold pieces into it. “I’ll send the rest to you later.”

Thrynn took one coin and dropped it into Vilja’s hand. “There you are, kitten. What is mine is yours.”

Vilja plunked the second coin from his hand as well, “Perfect! Let’s go find that Eldergleam Sanctuary. I’m so happy we are traveling together to the Eldergleam Sanctuary.”

Lurren was so angry with Thrynn. He was key to her mission and first chance at some skirt; he chases it leaving her behind. She didn’t need him or anyone else for that matter with this. Find a bandit, kill a bandit and keep moving. Simple.

Nikolai was headed down the road when the sky rumbled then cracked open with thunder and a voice calling “Dovahkiin.” He stopped to look up toward the highest mountain in Skyrim then saw Lurren walking quickly toward him alone. “Good to see you again.” He called while waving a hand as he passed by.

She stopped quickly and ran over to him, “Hey, wait a moment.” Her hand seemed small against his large arm as she reached out to touch him. “I never got say thank you at the tavern.”

He smiled, “You bet, glad to see you up and about. Did you hear that thunder?”

Lurren shrugged it off. When it came to events in Skyrim; she was learning to not be surprised about them. “Probably something to do with that dragon back there.” She motioned in the direction of the tower and dragon battle.

Nikolai figured that was a good enough reason as any. “No doubt. I’m headed back to the meadery. If you pass by there, stop in for a drink.”

“I will. Thanks again.” Lurren looked down the road for any signs of Thrynn and Vilja but saw nothing.

Thrynn was leaning against the wall beneath the guard’s walkway outside of Whiterun when Lurren walked toward him.

She wasn’t about to speak to him, let alone look or even acknowledge him.

His plan was entirely different when he reached out and took hold of her arm. “Isn’t Markarth the other direction?”

Lurren just stood there, staring ahead at the Whiterun gate. There was no way she would look at Thrynn. “I don’t know, you tell me.”

“Did you hear the thunder?” He was rather surprised that she just stood there instead of breaking free.

“Before you accuse me of creating that, I didn’t cause it.” She turned her head to face him. “Look, Thrynn, I’m tired and hungry. After I see the Jarl, I’m going for some food and sleep. How about in the meantime you take your girlfriend and disappear with her!”

He just laughed as his arm slid along her shoulders and led her to the gate. “She is in Whiterun doing some shopping. We will be gone once she is done.”

Why did she feel like a trap was being built for her and he was going to throw her in it? He was being too sweet, too nice and that is not what Thrynn is like. Vilja ruined him! She pushed his arm off her shoulder just as they reached Whiterun. “Good. Now get lost.”

The gate was opened by some traveling merchants that Lurren past without Thrynn and slammed the gate back in his face.

Her energy was low and the walk to Dragonsreach seemed long without much hope of getting there.

“Did you see Thrynn?”   Vilja’s voice appeared behind Lurren.

“Yeah, I did. He is outside waiting for you.” Lurren replied without turning to Vilja.

“Want to go with us to the Eldergleam Sanctuary? Vilja asked while falling into step with Lurren.


“Do you want to talk?”

That one made Lurren stop to face Vilja. “I can’t even imagine what I would have to talk to you about. Let me explain this one last time. I am in Skyrim on a mission that means someone is paying me to do a job. That does not mean hauling you and that big over-sized brute waiting outside for you with me! Do I make myself clear?

“No.” Vilja’s arms folded and her chin jutted out.

“No what?”

“You aren’t clear about it.” Vilja remained stubborn on her understanding of Lurren’s statement.

Lurren rubbed one eye and sighed. “What part isn’t clear?”

Vilja began walking around Lurren in deep thought. “All of it. We should always have something to talk about, that’s what friends do. We talk. However. I don’t know why you insist on repeating yourself when you have explained it how many times? If you are in Skyrim on a mission and being paid by someone, it doesn’t seem fair that you can hire someone but Thrynn can’t. Makes one wonder, if you did come to Skyrim to get Thrynn’s help then why are you leaving him behind?” She nodded satisfied that all points were covered. “Looking back at the many conversations I had with my grandmother, this reminds me of her telling a story.”

Lurren had one finger in the air shaking while she struggled to get out the right words. “You aren’t going to tell me this story, are you?”

“No, I don’t know you well enough. Once we become better friends and I may start to like you, I will share more.” Vilja started heading to Dragonsreach. “Come on, you need to see the Jarl.”

Lurren whipped her bow out and had the perfect arrow ready to sail straight into Vilja’s back.

“Guard might get nervous, a woman approaches with her weapon drawn…” Came a voice to Lurren’s right side causing she to lower the weapon.

Vilja was waiting for Lurren on the stairs, “It’s so exciting that you killed that dragon, don’t you agree?”

“No.” Lurren replied as she tried to hurry up the stairs but her legs felt like rubber with each step.

Proventus Avenicci had been pacing while waiting for word about the dragon and the thunder they heard. “Good, you are finally here. The Jarl’s been waiting for you.”

”We were just talking about you, my brother needs a word with you.” Another large nord with face paint named Hrongar greeted Lurren as she approached the throne.

The Jarl wasted no time asking Lurren about what happened at the watchtower.

Lurren asked, “Do you mean all along the watchtower?”

“I’m in no mood for your idle chatter. What happened out there, is the dragon dead?”   He demanded.

“Yes, it’s dead.” Vilja offered in place of Lurren.

“Good, I knew I could count on Iritleth.” He boasted proudly about his housecarl.

“She wasn’t the only one there!” Lurren flared at his stupid remark. “You lost good men out there, what about counting them!”

Vilja placed her hand on Lurren’s shoulder to try and defuse the growing tension.

“I didn’t get to be Jarl without knowing all the facts. The comment meant that she could handle the situation without…oh why I am explaining this to you! What else happened out there?” Her actions confirmed again to him that the lower class was definitely difficult to work with.

“Nothing. So if our business is completed, I really must leave.” Lurren was so done with this dragon business.

“Didn’t you hear the sound of the thunder overhead?” Hrongar asked.

“No.” The least answers were the best ones but the little white ones were even better.

“Nonsense, you had to have heard it.” The same painted nord replied.

Lurren folded her arms and stared unhappily at Hrongar. “I didn’t hear it.”

He looked at Vilja then asked her the question, “Did you hear it?”

“I heard it but she wasn’t with me so maybe she didn’t hear it.” Vilja looked directly at Lurren when she answered Hrongar.

Lurren looked sharply at Vilja. “I didn’t hear it.”

“Well, no matter, you will need to take your friend here to High Hrothgar and speak to the Greybeards.” The jarl decided to end this little game and send them both to the masters. “They will want to speak with you.” He pointed at the young girl with pigtails. “And as my right as Jarl, I named you Thane of Whiterun. It’s an honor to have you as Thane of my city, Dragonborn.” He handed Vilja a 2-handed battle-axe that she nearly fell over with from its weight. “Back to business, Proventus. We still have a city to run.”

“As you wish, my lord.” Proventus lifted one finger at Vilja. “We also have a very nice home for sale, if you wish to purchase it.”

Vilja was so excited at being named Thane and the opportunity to buy a house. “I wonder what my mother would say if she could see me now. Can’t wait to count out my coin and get that house! I must tell Thrynn!”

To Lurren, she was so relieved to have the whole issue behind her. Finally she can get plenty of food, lots of drinks and tons of sleep. Then in the morning she would start fresh heading to Markarth.

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