Threatening To Get Things Done

Even though she didn’t remember how she got there, she knew the morning came too soon. Lurren placed the back of one hand across her forehead, she felt awful. Seemed to be the norm in the Skyrim she decided. Her senses suddenly detected an unfriendly presence in the room.

Thrynn was leaning back in a chair, his feet resting on a small table while he whittled. “Morning, Agent Lurren.” He saw her stirring and knew she was finally awake.

“Go away.” She replied while rolling over to one side with her back facing him. Now she remembered following Vilja into a house in Whiterun and sitting down in a chair. Still the blurry part is how did she get from the chair to the upstairs bedroom. She had her suspects.

“I’m leaving for Markarth shortly, thought you might want to come along.” He was debating about giving her backside his boot.

Lurren rolled over to face him, “If you think I believe that for one second, Thrynn, you are wrong. Damn promise breaker.” She wanted out of the room or at least him out of it.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Agent Lurren, I’m not going there on business. Or was it as an employee.”

“Oh, I see…house shopping for your new family instead?” She stood up and towered over him. That changed when he stood up and she had to adjust for the height difference.

“You’re an idiot.” With that remark, he stormed out.

Her finger was shaking at his back in a scolding manner, which didn’t matter because he was unaware of it. “Fine…you know what you are, Blondie? You’re a son of a bit…”

Some strange woman appeared at the bedroom holding a shield and not looking happy. “I will ask you to keep your voice down.”

“And you are?” Lurren wanted to know who interrupted her fight with Thrynn.
“Lydia, I’m the thane’s housecarl. It’s my honor to serve Vilja.”

“So, does that mean you are sworn to carry her burdens? Cause that man is one huge one.” Lurren asked while figuring out where her belongings were in the tiny room.

“Unfortunately.” Lydia dryly replied. “Your belongings are downstairs, this is my room. I honestly don’t care much for it, too small for me. Spend most of my time sitting and eating in the other bedroom while reading romance novels or other books.”

“How many bedrooms are in this house?” Lurren had the sudden urge to ask.

Lydia was leaning against the doorway, “Three.”

“Ah, I see.” She said aloud but her mind said, “One short!”

“Master bedroom, my room plus the children’s room.” Lydia added to the wound.

“Two short!” Lurren’s mind screamed. “Well, you will have your room back today. Vilja and Thrynn will have their room plus room for their cute little adorable stupid rude cruel kids!” She smiled calmly at Lydia staring with a blank look on her face.

“I’m not sure what happened here but if you say so.” Lydia decided it was time to leave and back to work doing basically nothing. “Some food is on the table if you are hungry.”

Vilja came floating into the room wearing a long beautiful red silk nightgown with a matching robe. “Don’t you just love it?” She twirled around for Lurren to bask in the glory of her outfit. “One of those perks from the Jarl for being a thane. Belethor was so helpful in getting me this, at no charge, and said to come back anytime to order more attire.” She fluttered about the loft area. “I finally made it to the top, my input to the Jarl is invaluable.”

“Yes, it’s lovely, good for you and I must go.” Lurren just wanted past Miss Happy Thane and hoped they never meet again.

“Of course but not until you eat something.” Vilja grabbed Lurren’s hand and pushed her down the stairs.

Thrynn didn’t bother looking up when Lurren stumbled down the steps. He kept his head down at the kitchen table picking snowberries off their stems.

Lurren was led to the table and told to sit down, which happened to be next to Thrynn and start eating. “Here is some ink plus your knapsack for any notes you need to update.” Vilja was busy tossing food to Lurren, who was trying to catch as many as she could and for Thrynn, she handed everything to him with loving care. She squeezed in between Lurren and Thrynn. “Now, make your notes then

we will be off. It’s so nice to be traveling together, Skyrim can be so lonely at times.”

“Funny, I never noticed that.” Lurren mumbled while trying to stay on the bench. Vilja nearly pushed her off it while making room for her and that mule with her.

“So you were part of a bandit clan?” Vilja asked him sweetly.

“I joined up with them, oh about 10 years ago.” He replied.

Vilja giggled and pushed into him, “Hard to believe with that handsome young face.”

Thrynn tickled her side causing Vilja to move into Lurren and push her off the bench. “Oh! Did you get hurt?” Vilja asked when they heard the thump.

“Of course not.” Lurren replied while getting up and brushing herself off.

“Pity.” Thrynn muttered before he attacked the giggling Vilja again.

Disgusted by the whole affair, Lurren snatched up her knapsack and ink then stormed outside. She found an empty bench atop the guard barracks just inside of Whiterun and dropped down on it. Perfect spot to update her list.

To Do List – Update Five (re-arranged)
1) Find Ralof – anywhere, everywhere
2) 5 Ice Wraith Teeth – Meat merchant who wants me killed by these bastards – Riften.
3) The Whispering Boy – Stupid Orgnar tip – Windhelm
4) Diseased bodies – letter from Indigoblade to check out – Markarth
5) Retrieve Dragonstone – Bleak Falls Barrow – stupid wizard Whiterun
6) Deliver frost salts to Arcadia – From idiot wizard – Whiterun

Completed – Status Report InformationGo to Skyrim – check!
Go to Riften – check!
Go to Whiterun– check!
Speak to some Jarl in Whiterun– check!
Find Brynjolf in the marketplace – Riften – check!
Talk to Sapphire about some robbery gone good for her and bad for another – Riften – check!
Find that person in Riften she needs to talk to.- Found – Check!
Speak to that sobbing boy about being debt free – Riften Stables – Check!
Speak to the Rockjoint merchant – Riften (personal task to save lives!) – Check!

She snapped the notebook shut and raced over the Arcadia’s store. Lurren was glad to have reviewed those notes. Would have missed that delivery, for sure.

“Ah, welcome, welcome. Should you be up and about already?” A friendly voice greeted Lurren. “You look rather pale, could be something or another.”

“In my case, it’s the other. Listen, I have this delivery for you.” Lurren was digging through her knapsack for the frost salts.

“I’m waiting.”

“I know you are. It’s in here, just need to find it.” Lurren kept digging into the bag, feeling things with her hand.

“Make it quick, I’m busy.” The impatient Arcadia warned Lurren.

“Ah, there we are. What is this?” Lurren held up an item, turning it one way then another. “Never mind…smashed sweet roll.” She returned to hunting for those frost salts. “This is it!” She proudly produced frost salts that had melted slightly. “From Farengar.”

Arcadia held up the bowl in better lighting. “Hmmm, doesn’t look fresh but I will take them anyway. It’s for a love elixir, like none other…maybe I’ll try it on Farengar first.”

“So you think Farengar can be of use to you? Oh yes, you must be referring to your research into the love elixirs. Yes, you could use someone like him to test something for you. Well, when I say test, I really mean delve into a dangerous area in search of a good time that may or may not actually be there.” Lurren was leaning on the counter like an old friend talking to the alchemist who was now considering returning to Cyrodiil after 20 years in Skyrim.

“Well, time to close shop. You need to leave.” Arcadia declared as she hustled Lurren out of the shop. She had already been warned about the crazy stranger in town before even caring for her in the tavern. Luckily, she had a plan in place to deal with the riff-raft and executed it beautifully.

The Whiterun guard posted between Arcadia’s and Belethor’s shops just shook his head as Lurren flew out of a shop and into the market square.

Lurren regained her footing then walked back to her bench with chin held up.
“You tried mercenary work? It might suit you.” A redguard man said as he stopped before the approaching Lurren.

“And you have work that you need done? Right?” She asked him when they were face to face.

“My Saffir doesn’t like that I’ve been spending so much time looking for my father’s old sword. He fed his entire family with the gold he made using that weapon. I’m not about to let it gather dust in some thief’s trophy room.”

“Which thief has it? I’ll just ask for it back.” Lurren replied, she didn’t care about his family or its history. She cared about bandits and hunting them.

Amren didn’t notice her question and kept talking, “I tracked it to a group of bandits nearby. But I’m no fool. I’d need the Whiterun guards or maybe hire the Companions to get it. I don’t know why I’m saying this, but if you find it out in your travels, I’d be grateful to you.”

Lurren stared at the fool, puzzled, “Which is it? A thief or a group of bandits? Preferably, the latter since that is what I’m after. But for putting some coin in my pocket, I could consider the thief angle.”


“The sword. Who has it?” Lurren just couldn’t believe the people from Skyrim or even those not from Skyrim but came here. Excluding her, of course.

“Bandits at Halted Stream Camp.” He was backing away from her, thinking. “For a nord she was sure dumb.”

Lurren’s hand dismissed him with a wave in the air as she returned to the bench to do some writing.

To Do List – Update Six
1) Find Ralof – anywhere, everywhere
2) 5 Ice Wraith Teeth – Meat merchant who wants me killed by these bastards – Riften.
3) The Whispering Boy – Stupid Orgnar tip – Windhelm
4) Diseased bodies – letter from Indigoblade to check out – Markarth
5) Sword – Halted Stream Camp – Redguard man – Whiteun
6) Mammoth Tusk – future brothel owner – Whiterun
7) Investigate money system – Singpe Ctoomild – Whiterun

Lurren was studying the To Do List when Vilja showed up, at least in different clothing. “I’ve been looking for you. Got some things for your list. Let’s see here.” She was flipping through some notes.

“Excuse me?” Lurren asked.

“Quests and such. You know if you just ask around, someone is bound to give you something to do.” Vilja was reading one note then decided it wasn’t for Lurren, moved it to the back and read the next one.

She jumped up to face Vilja. “I have things to do already, I don’t need more!”

“Sure you do.” She handed one note to Lurren. “Like this.”

Lurren yanked it out of Vilja’s hand and memorized it, “No.” Came her response while handing back the note.

Vilja refused to take it and folded her arms. “Why not? Just go get the weapon for the priestess from Orphan’s Rock. Write that down.”

Lurren refused and stood there with her arms folded as well for showdown.

“Thrynn?” Vilja smiled sweetly at Lurren while calling out his name.

Lurren turned on one heel and went to the bench. Ripping open her notebook while shooting the “We are not friends” look at Vilja, she added the note’s information.

8) Nettlebane – Orphan’s Rock – priestess – Whiterun

Vilja handed her another note, still smiling that “I’ll send in Thrynn” smile on her face.

Lurren memorized that note as well then added it to the list.

9) Thorald Gray-Mane – Missing – See Fralia Gray-Mane at her home – Whiterun

“Not done yet.” Her not so best friend said as she handed Lurren another note.

10) Amulet of Arkay – Hall of the Dead – Andurs – Whiterun

“Please tell me this is it.” Lurren looked up at the mischievous Vilja, who only smiled and handed Lurren another. She scanned it, crumpled it and threw it back at Vilja. ‘No!”

“It’s one way to make some coin. Besides farming is honest work for honest gold.” Vilja picked up the waddled note before following Lurren down the steps. “I have more notes for you, lots of tasks to be done. It’s so fun to help others, don’t you think so?”

Lurren was pulling open the town gates by the time Vilja arrived at her side. “I don’t think so and I don’t think I want you along so leave.”

“Agent Lurren.” Thrynn said as she walked right into him just outside the gate with Vilja right behind her.

This time Lurren swung her fist back then sent it flying for his jaw, which missed and she sailed down the stairs instead. She jumped up from the ground, furious with Skyrim, Thrynn, OBIS, Vilja, Whiterun and anything else she felt like adding. Without another word to them, she shot over the closest wall and disappeared. They won’t find her now. Thrynn was too big and clumsy to be agile plus he would not want his precious little flower to get hurt jumping that wall. The only task that she was interested in was the Halted Stream Camp and those yummy yummy bandits.

“Need a ride?” Bjorlam called out to the passing woman. Sun was hot sitting in the carriage; a cool breeze would be nice.

“Take me to Halted Stream Camp.” Lurren replied while opening her knapsack for coin to pay with.

“Can’t do. Don’t go that way, major holds only, no small stuff.” He replied sadly at the loss of a customer.


He nodded his head backwards to indicate the direction she needed to go. “Camp is behind Whiterun, no roads so no ride.”

“All right then. I’m off to that camp on foot.”

“Be careful out there, lots of bandits.”

“Bandits? What kind of bandits? Low types, leaders…lords?” Lurren asked hoping for more details.

Bjorlam looked down at her disgusted, “How would I know? A bandit is a bandit. I don’t socialize with them and they don’t take carriage rides. Now get going so I have room for some real customers.”

Lurren started to walk off then turned around, “When your customers pay, what type of coin do they use?”

“That’s a stupid question, they pay with gold.” Bjorlam replied before pulling out the weekly flyer regarding special events. Not that he was reading it, but just so she thought he was and leave.

“I see.” She replied before charging off into wild plains just outside of Whiterun.

Skyrim has its problems as any of the regions within Tamriel, but here it was especially with wolves. She was fighting them off, right and left trying to reach that camp. Job should be easy, get in, kill one or two bandits, grab the sword and back in time for last call. She was crouching down on a hillside checking out the camp when the Bandit Hidden stabbed Lurren in the back.

“Over here!” The bandit shouted.

Lurren lurched forward when the dagger hit her back, and spun around to battle with enemy. She realized this could be a slight problem when six more bandits, ranging from the Ghostly to the Blighted charged out of the camp. She kept trying to back up and drop down off the edge. A few attempts kept her on the same level until the third try gave the opportunity she needed.

“You dare fight a Dunmer?” One mage sneered while trying to drain Lurren’s stamina.

“Skryim belongs to the Nords!” The blighted bandit called out who had pet skeever named Winker.

Lurren hollered back, “You can have it!” She immediately decided that was not too smart since they found her based upon that one mistake.

“You’ll be so much easier to rob when you’re dead!” The Alik’r warrior bandit declared as he chased Lurren along the small riverbed.

“Enough of this!” Thrynn’s voice resounded over the battle as he came forward with arrows flying at the pursuing bandit.

Vilja charged from behind Thrynn, waving her newly acquired iron sword. “You leave her alone!”

Lurren stopped after passing Thrynn and Vilja to check her back. The red fingers told her all the information needed. An odd sound behind her took attention from her wound to the approaching mudcrab. All five of them, to be exact. It was one angry clan of crabby crabs moving in fast with those claws snapping open and shut, working up that appetite for their feast.

“Off I go!” Lurren informed the approaching predators and took off running back toward the camp. She just needed that sword.

Thrynn and Vilja were leaning against the camp wooden wall, laughing and talking when Lurren approached. Dead bandits were laying around them, all seven of them to be exact. She didn’t bother speaking to them, just headed into the camp toward the door to the inner section.

“Ow! That thing snipped me!” Vilja cried when the mubcrabs chasing Lurren changed course and ambushed Vilja. Didn’t take long for her hero to wipe out the hard-shelled critters but he did take his time kissing away her boo-boo.

Lurren slammed the camp door shut when she came out and marched over to her two archenemies. “Where is it?”

“Look…those crabs hurt me.” Vilja pointed at her leg where the wound was that also included Thrynn.

She glared at the kneeling Thrynn then looked at Vilja, “The sword and everything else from in there. Where is it?”

Vilja handed the sword and one mammoth tusk to Lurren. “Right here. That’s for Amren and tusk for Ysolda.” She patted the tusk happily. “She has been asking for one of these so why don’t you just go ahead and give this to her.”

“Why I don’t just go ahead and hit you both over the head with it, too!” She took one foot and pushed hard on Thrynn knocking him over.

“Found a bandit book.” Vilja sang out while waving it in the air.

“Those are a septim a dozen, nothing new there.” Lurren stopped long enough to answer then walked back toward Whiterun.

Vilja’s fingers were dancing along the top of the book, “Maybe…but not many have written notes in them.”

“Toss it here.” Lurren’s finger pointed at the ground by her and not near them.

Thrynn grabbed the book from Vilja’s hand and slammed it on the ground next to Lurren.

She smiled sweetly at him, “That wasn’t tossing it.”

“Yeah? Guess what I am tossing next?” He loomed over her with unfriendly eyes.

“Could you just move back about 100 feet or more?” Lurren asked. She knew if she bent down with him that close, she would probably get a taste of his boot.

“Not a problem, Agent Lurren. In fact, think I will just head that way.” Thrynn pointed toward Riften.

“What way?”

“That way.” Thrynn kept pointing.

“That way?”

“On second thought, I think I will take a detour for your neck first then head that way.” Thrynn growled then leaped at her.

Vilja jumped between them and held Thrynn back.

Lurren snatched the book from the ground and stormed off without another word.

“Honestly, Thrynn, you shouldn’t let her get to you like that.” Vilja was brushing off his armor and checking for any wounds.

Thrynn didn’t say it but he already knew Lurren got to him and not in the way Vilja thought.

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