Singing To All of Us

The fireball sailed by closely to Lurren’s face as she approached Orphan’s Rock. She was ahead of the followers except for Vilja who had a strange ability to warp to Lurren without using magicka. “What the?” Lurren declared as she dived for cover.

Vilja warped for cover as well, “I see she found us.”

“She? She who?” Lurren had no idea what Vilja was talking about.

“The hagraven.” Vilja peered behind her for the rest of the group.

“What hagraven? No one said anything about a hagraven!” She couldn’t believe they left out that major detail after reading in her mind the memorized note.

Vilja kept looking for her best buddies while the hagraven continued pinning them in with her fireballs. “I had a neighbor once that looked very close to one. She was just missing the bird part but otherwise, she was a spitting image of one.”

Lurren sat down with her back against a tree stump in disbelief. Had she known about the hagraven, the approach would have been different. “Are bandits with this hagraven?”

“Dead ones only if any. They only tend to allow witches and Forsworn around them. The Forsworn worship them as their matriarchs and leaders. That’s a problem I know being thane and all. So many fans…” Vilja was swept away into dreamland of her servants catering to her every need.

“Now you’ll pay!!” Lydia’s voice screamed at the fireball as the other four faded into view.

Thrynn was following with bow and arrow in position. “Enough of this!”

“SKYRIM BELONGS TO THE NORDS!!” Nikolai belted above everyone else as he charged up the road carrying his battleaxe.

“The battle rages with tales for pages,

and all for the beauty of you.

We fight to please,

We please to fight but with you,

I will spend the night.”

Sven sang while he stood with Vilja and Lurren.

Lurren smacked him on the back, “What are you doing!”

He merely looked down at Lurren. “Singing our way to victory.”

“WHAT?” Lurren exploded.

“I don’t fight, I’m a bard.” Sven folded his arms while defending his honor.

“A real one, too.” Vilja offered as she switched clothes repeatedly during the fight.

“DA7, here you are.” Thrynn was holding the Nettlebane in his hand.

“DA7?” Lurren growled back at him.

“The actual title is too long so I shortened it. We voted on it while coming here. 6 against 1, you lost.” Thrynn just smiled that “oh I enjoyed this one” smile while giving the Lurren a quick playful nudge on her chin.

She removed the weapon from his hand, “It’s Agent Lurren.” Looking around him to the others. “That includes all of you…Agent Lurren.”

“Well, this is sad.” Vilja said.

“What is sad?” Lurren figured it was due to being vetoed by the leader.

“I had no idea you were possessed with multiple personalities.” Vilja explained then offered to the others. “I think we have been working with the one that doesn’t blink.”

Lurren considered using her killer instincts and slice them all down with the weapon in her hand. “I don’t have multiple personalities, where did you get that from? Thrynn?”

“You said it yourself.” Vilja remained stubborn on the issue

“I did not.” Lurren swore Vilja was wrong.

Vilja continued to believe she was right. “You did.”

Lurren demanded a timeline. “When?”

”Just now.” Came Vilja’s final assessment.

“When did I say I had multiple personalities?” Lurren questioned.

“You said and I quote, from memory.” Vilja said while rest of the group cheered at her excellent ability to recall memorized conversations. “That includes all of you…Agent Lurren.”

“I didn’t mean all of me but all of you!” Lurren decided she had enough and started back for Whiterun.

“There is only one of me.” Vilja remained in place along with the other four.

Lurren was done, done…DONE! Once she gave the weapon back to the priestess and hopefully without any blood on it, off to Markarth to investigate. She left them standing there while she headed back toward Whiterun using the shortcut to get past Helgen.

Lydia spoke up first, “My thane, I have been thinking about this voting process. I believe you should have 2 extra votes.” The group was following Lurren as one line across the road. Starting from the left was Nikolai hooked arm and arm with Lydia. She was sharing her other arm with Thrynn, who insisted on being in the middle. Vilja was hanging onto to Thrynn’s arm and supporting Sven’s arm on her right.

Vilja’s hand flew up to her mouth in utter surprise, “Lydia, you are so right. How could I have possibly overlooked the Dragonbone of Legend vote?”

“I certainly agree with Lydia, you should get 3 votes.” Nikolai offered his support to change to the voting process.

“As long as I have your vote, Thrynny baby, I’m good.” Vilja smiled sweetly at her hunk of a man that she keeps away from Lurren.

Thrynn winked down at her, “Count me in, I’m all over you.” He looked over at Lurren’s back thinking he wasn’t over her though.

Vilja was pleased with the outcome. “Good, no debates, no discussions… she will do what I say, when I say. Do I make myself clear enough so she will understand?” She asked her adoring fans and housecarl.

“Negative” Thrynn replied.

“True that.” Nikolai offered.

“Once was a woman, as fai.”

Lurren stopped and flipped around. “What was that?”

“You hear something?” Lydia asked Lurren.

“I don’t hear anything.” Nikolai replied.

Lurren’s eyes scanned the line of the usual suspects then decided it was probably some creature in the woods.

“Fair as an evenin’”

“There it goes again!” Lurren braked and looked over her shoulder.

The entire line of Nords shrugged their shoulders in a rhythmic fashion with Sven starting and Nikolai ending.

Since she already had the displeasure of hearing Sven sing that left Thrynn and Nikolai. But Lydia was close at third with those manly moves of hers so her voice was another angle to consider.   Lurren knew Vilja could only sing la la’s so the list was narrowing down nicely. “Let me just say this to that…stop making that noise. I thank you for your support and SILENCE!” She roared at the choir then soared off to Whiterun before she used that weapon on someone.

Thrynn finished his song, “of springtime in old Stros M’Kai.”

Viilja giggled, “Oh Thrynny, private lessons for you tonight!”

He growled deep within his chest, “Meet you in solitude…”

She playfully smacked his arm, “You silly strawberry delight! Whiterun! Not Solitude.”

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