Always The Last To Know

Lurren leaned against the fence inspecting her fingernails while waiting for their return. Escaping was out of the question; Sven had one entrance covered and Thrynn the other with Golldir right in front of her.

Vilja appeared with her fans following behind out of the Gray-Mane house. “I think you will be happy to know that they were pleased with the evidence.”

Lurren just shrugged as she pushed off the fence to head out. “Yes, I am thrilled.”

“And not so pleased.” Vilja added while Lurren walked past.

Lurren stopped to debate with her own conscience if she should ask or not. Considering it was Vilja telling her this, it could only mean another trap. Therefore, it is safe to assume that one should take the easy way out and simply let it go. She chose to keep walking without acknowledging the chatty blonde.

“Now we need to go the Northwatch Keep and get Thorald out.” Vilja told her group while still working on fixing Lydia’s armor so she could walk lady-like in it. “It’s so fun to travel with my best friends.”

“According to Lurren, we are headed to Falkreath.” Nikolai offered as he looked over Lydia’s body and thought her arms did look bow-armed. She was still a nice looking woman and perhaps she might care to share some late night mead with him sometime.

“Strange.” Vilja looked puzzled at this news from Nikolai. “I thought she wanted to go Markarth.”

Lurren was talking to Golldir about her route to take. “According to my OBIS map if we go to Falkreath, far south with a slight nod to the west. We can go to Markarth by hugging the south-western wall.”

“Then go up north to the Northwatch Keep.” Golldir answered as he pulled open the city gate to leave.

“I knew it!” Lurren spun around to go directly to Thrynn and shook her finger up at him. “So clever…go north to hunt bandits. Oh! And while we are there, let’s just hop over to say hello to all the people working at Northwatch Keep!”

“Oh, I am so grateful you will be helping us at the keep.” Vilja closed in the gap between her and Thrynn by looping her arm through his. “Skyrim can be so scary when all alone in the wilderness.”

“I don’t know about that, Vilja, I never tried it. However…I am certainly moving that option up my list!” Lurren was furious with the individuals tagging along with her. “What is so hard to understand that I am not here to cater to your every wish?” She pointed at Vilja then Thrynn, “Or yours! Or yours!” Nikolai was the next target then Golldir, Sven and lastly Lydia.

“In my thane’s defense, it is not her wish to go there.” Lydia doing her job informed the misinformed Lurren.

“It doesn’t matter who wants it done, the answer is no. Plain and simple. I am going to Falkreath then Markarth. Then south again!” She glares the last sentence toward Thrynn.

“We can’t help the Gray-Manes if we don’t go there to get their son.” Sven offered as he moved closer to the group. “Didn’t you read the book when you stole it?”

“She can’t read.” Thrynn said while putting his arm around Vilja’s shoulders.

Vilja nodded in agreement, “Not one word.”

“Wow, you can write but not read? Never heard of such a thing.” Nikolai stated his amazement.

“My thane, were you sure she gave us the right book? If she didn’t read it, the information may have been wrong.”

“I think I can write a song about that condition she has, give me a few minutes to put the verses together.” Sven was in thinking mode and humming to develop the song Lurren was about to shove down his throat.

“Hold on…my mistake.” Thrynn had one large hand up in the air signaling for the group to wait. “She doesn’t read.”

“That is even worse. Refusing to read is plain wrong.” Golldir held his head in shame.

“In your view, Thrynn, would you consider refusing as someone who can read but won’t or they refuse because they can’t?” Lydia was so proud at her question; it certainly could shed light on Lurren’s problem.

Vilja was impressed with Lydia, “I couldn’t be more prouder than I am now. That is a very important question.”

Lurren was done being their punching bag and left Whiterun with great hope that none of them followed. She begrudgingly added Northwatch Keep to her mental notes and also noted she needed to update her written notes, too. When they were near the meadery, Lurren stopped and just knew something was wrong. She almost feared turning around but her body and mind were not in sync and her body turned around. “What is that?”

The group sang together, “What is what?”

As Lurren tried to circle around them, they formed a circle keeping her out. “What is that in the middle of this circle?”

“Hi, grandma!” Lucia poked her head out between Thrynn and Vilja.

Lurren didn’t know what to do with her arms. Fingers pointed to the group. Fingers pointed to Whiterun. Fingers pointed to Lucia. Arms flew in the air. She couldn’t even find the right words to explode on them.

“She seems excited that I am here, mama!” Lucia tugged on Vilja’s clothes. “Can papa take me fishing tomorrow? I just know with me there, we will catch something.”

“Vilja, do you think that your baby-sitter or perhaps papa could watch over your little darling while I speak with you over there?” Lurren was pointing to the bridge away from Vilja’s family members.

“Of course. It’s so nice that you and me can talk together. Best friends always have so much to tell each other.” Vilja gave Lucia a small kiss on the cheek and said she would be right back.

Lurren certainly could not guarantee she would be back alive but they definitely were getting Mama back. “What is the matter with you? You can’t bring a child along!” Lurren’s hands were in the air wanting to strangle Vilja.

“Isn’t she just adorable. I adopted her in Whiterun.” Vilja was a proud mother. “Lydia will keep an eye on her while we travel.”

“Good! At your house I presume?”

“I can’t leave my angel all alone there, no, she can’t be home alone.” Vilja’s eyes were sad and filling with tears at the thought of her child alone in a big empty house.

Lurren was dreaming about being alone, anywhere, home, wilderness when she snapped out of her wishful thinking and back to the matter at hand. “Vilja, honestly, you can’t bring her along. What if she gets killed, it’s a possibility, not a pretty one but be realistic. Send her home to papa.”

“Then we lose Thrynn.” Vilja was trying not to cry with Lurren being so mean about Lucia.

“Thrynn?” Lurren was quite sure she missed their wedding. “Thrynn is papa?”

“Isn’t it sweet?”

“You are mama, Thrynn is papa and you live in that house with only three bedrooms! One for your thane, one for your children and one…and one…and.” Lurren couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She stole him! He let her steal him! The only man in Skyrim she wanted to bed and he is married with children! “May I ask one small question?”

“Sure.” Vilja waved her fingers over to Lucia.

“When I saw Thrynn for the first time, he didn’t mention a wife. You didn’t mention a husband. When exactly did you two get married?” Lurren knew she had the cat cornered and the truth will be known.

“Don’t you remember me telling how we knew each other before?” Vilja was making rabbit hand puppets on the wall for the giggling Lucia.


“Here we are in Skyrim together again.” Vilja tossed an apple over to Thrynn with kisses following.

“Well, isn’t that just peachy. It still stands, Lucia can’t come.” Lurren suddenly had a bright idea, carefully crafted and should be ultimate in the final product. “On second thought, since I am going to explore deep into the harshest of the harshest territory, perhaps I should just take Golldir and Nikolai with me. That way you can stay with your husband, child, housecarl and live happily ever after with Sven singing you ballads into oblivion. Oh, I forgot to add! In that sweet little cozy home you got for being the thane and Dragonborn deep in the heart of Whiterun.” Lurren smiling, so friendly, that best friend smile that one wears when they really want to rip their eyeballs out.

Vilja was so impressed with the kindness her best friend showed. “If everyone had a good friend like you, what a wonderful world this would be. However, I have to decline your idea, though it was a good one.”

Lurren realized when it came to plotting, that one must have at least 3 to 5 different tricks up their sleeves before executing the first plot. In this case, she failed in planning and ended up with minor flaws to an otherwise perfectly planned plot. “Fine…bring her along. Just for the record, which I am required to maintain as an agent of OBIS and submit on a regular basis when I am good and ready that I did not allow, do no allow, will not allow, or be responsible for your daughter named Lucia. And while I’m at it, your husband Thrynn!” That last part came out a bit more forceful than she expected. What did it matter to her anyway, she still belonged to Nylus as well as her heart. “Was there anything I just said unclear?” Lurren called to the skipping Vilja as she returned happily to her family and friends. What Lurren really needed now was some chaos added the group, just to shake things up. She would never look at Thrynn again, at least for as long as she could stand not to.

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