The Princess of Chaos and Calm

Golldir turned his head sideways to look at his fan, “You keep talking like that, and we have a deal.”

Her long slender finger with a polished nail slid down his nose. “We could seal the deal in private.”

Golldir laughed, women nowadays were much more bolder than yesteryears. “Got a name, Princess?”

She tilted back her head and laughed, ”Princess will do nicely. Buy me a drink?”

“Of course!” He made Sven move over to give his new friend and follower a seat next to him. “New to Skyrim?”

“Not really, lover. Been here a while. I know my way around well enough, more so with men.” Her plump lips with red lipstick sent a small kiss to Golldir.

“You got a looker there.” Sven leaned over to whisper to Golldir. “Gonna to bring her along?”

“Yeah, if she will follow me.” Golldir already was looking forward to warm nights with the beautiful woman in the cold winter. “At least would be worth it to watch Lurren blow a forge spark.”

Sven slapped him on the back, “May the gods watch over your battle, friend.”

Princess rubbed up against Golldir’s arm, “What are your travel plans? Looks like a party by the size of your group. Or it could be a party with the size of you.”

Golldir choked on his mead, not expecting such flirtatious moves but still they were allowed and acceptable. “I’m just following.” He looked around then pointed at Vilja. “Her. She’s the Thane of Whiterun and Dragonborn of Legend.”

“How romantic.” She walked her fingers up his sleeve. “What about you? Got any special titles?”

“No, just my family’s name. We are a fairly large family, got our own tomb filled with ancestors.”

“Let us rejoice that you are on the outside of that tomb.” She purred softly into his ear. “Perhaps show me it some time?”

Golldir couldn’t believe his luck, a beautiful princess drooling all over him. The gods favored him on this fine day. “I would be honored to show you. Not much to see, dead bodies mostly but the tomb layout is amazing.”

“I am definitely all about laying out.” Her eyes poured sexuality over his body until she saw Thrynn. She shifted the index finger and thumb back and forth while moving her tongue over her lips. “Isn’t that one delicious.” Golldir didn’t realize at first what she meant until she stood up and went to Thrynn’s side.

Thrynn always welcomed women into his life and bed. When you look as good as he does, you just learn to adapt. Didn’t matter where he went, they flocked to him or vice versa. His eyes were all over the approaching silk gown.

Her hand touched his armor lightly then moved it slowly down his chest. “My, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.”

He gave her that melting smile, “I could kiss the soreness away from those pretty eyes.”

Lydia was doing her guardianship duties and informed the woman that Thrynn was married to Vilja. “We still have plenty to choose from.” She pointed to Sven and Nikolai then decided to add Golldir for another try.

“That is a pity, tiger. If you ever get divorced, you let me know.” She rubbed his hand on her smooth soft face before moving over to Nikolai.

Thrynn snapped his fingers, “Lydia, get me a..”

Lydia smiled at him and replied, “Negative.”

Nikolai was about to take a drink of mead when she descended down upon him. She removed the bottle from his hand then took a long drink from it. “Mmmm, so tasty.”

He wasn’t sure what was going on but it was a beautiful woman drinking from his bottle so he could work with this. “Should I get us another round?” Nikolai pointed to the seat next to him and moved to give her room.

“Why settle for just one round, I can go many rounds.” She kissed his cheek as she slid onto the bench next to him.

Nikolai waved for Narri to hurry over and ordered more drinks from her.

Vilja sat down next to Lurren at the counter. “This is nice, we should relax more often. You should come for dinner at my home. Fix you a nice home cooked meal.”

Lurren just sat drinking at the counter without answering, her moments of bliss were over.

Vilja nudged Lurren’s arm. “New promotion coming up!”


“The boys…they have a fan.” Vilja leaned in to whisper while motioning to the tables.

To look over at what Vilja was referring to meant that once Lurren saw it, there was no way of unseeing it. She chose the opposite direction by staring straight ahead and not looking. “Don’t even think about adding another person to the group, Vilja.” Lurren warned.

“I won’t.” Vilja declared for this moment in time she would not add a party member.

“Good. Now get lost.” Lurren was downing her bottle of mead when Vilja stormed off to inform Thrynn of Lurren’s rudeness.

Solak sat down next to Lurren, placed some coins on the counter and ordered two tankards of ale. “Well met. Unlike my brother, I’ve no dislike of strangers. Met lots of ’em while I was a Stormcloak.”

Lurren quickly turned her head to the man next to her, “Stormcloak?”

“I was once, but not any more. I was wounded in a skirmish up near Windhelm. This was years ago, mind you.” He nodded at Valga when his order arrived. “You from Skyrim?”

“No.” Lurren replied.

“Must be from elsewhere then.” Solak stood up with both drinks. His brother was waiting at a table for him to return.

“Must be.” Lurren smiled then stopped him briefly. “Do you know a Stormcloak named Ralof?”

Solak thought about the name then shook his head, “No, sorry. Lost touch of most of them after I left but I don’t remember anyone with that name.”

Lurren just nodded, “Thanks anyway and nice meeting you.”

“Likewise. I got a brother named Bolund. He’s the one who works the lumber mill down by the river. If you meet him, don’t expect much in the way o’ conversation. He ain’t one for talking, especially with folk he don’t know.” With that last bit of information, Solak was gone.

It was too bad that he left since the stool next to Lurren opened up and her least favorite person in all of Skyrim sat down next to her. When he ordered a drink, his voice nearly knocked Lurren off her stool. Thrynn turned sideways to face his most favorite agent in all of Skyrim. “Mad at me?”

Fighting to keep those lips sealed, she took a drink and ignored him. Luck was finally on her side when a female body squeezed between her and Thrynn. The woman chose to face Thrynn that Lurren was thankful for.

“Pity you are taken.” The woman ran one finger down his large arm.

Thrynn gave a lusty growl, “Where did you want to take me?” His finger ran down her neck to the open neckline.

Lurren just rolled her eyes as she grabbed her bottle of mead and went to lean against the wall.

“How about you take me?” The tigress sat down on Lurren’s stool once it became free.

Now that’s what Thrynn calls a real woman, one who gets straight to the point. No speeches, no lectures, no agent talk, no bandit hunting, just take me there and back again. “You are most welcome to join us. I will certainly want to take you.”

When you say things like that, best to sure that the other half is not nearby. Vilja was most unhappy to learn Thrynn invited some princess into the group without consulting with her first. It wasn’t the woman that bothered her, no, it was the failure to communicate his desires about having the woman in the group with her first. Vilja tapped Thrynn on the shoulder and gave him the ol’ ‘guess where you are sleeping tonight’ look. After quickly reconsidering that look, she changed it to ‘guess where you aren’t sleeping tonight’ look.

Lurren had it with the slithering snake and tapped her on the shoulder. “Excuse me.”

The woman just moved her eyes up and down Lurren’s body with a disgusted look on her face. “No taste in fashion, I see.”

“Well, when one is not a tavern whore, they ten…” Nikolai and Golldir removed Lurren and dragged her away from their beautiful goddess.

Princess winked at Thrynn, “Feisty one, isn’t she? Jealous women always flinging mud.” She leaned closer to him. “Just more rift-raft.”

Thrynn chuckled, “Yeah, that she is.”

“DA10, I swear you love picking fights.” Golldir glared down at her. “One day we won’t be there to save you!”

Lurren merely smiled at him then sharply replied, “How about we test that out? You stay here and I will go test that theory by picking fights on my own! Now get out of my way.” She pushed past them and out the tavern door into the cool night. The brisk air shot chills down her back causing her to rub her arms for warmth.

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