Things Are Cooking in Falkreath

“Hail friend!” Bolund’s voice caught Lurren as she was in the middle of the road. “Good to see you again. Thought you would be gone by now.” He stopped in front of her.

“Bolund, likewise.” Lurren blushed slightly at his attention.

He looked up at the sky. “Rain coming. You staying the night?” His blue eyes returned down to Lurren. “I mean, with the rain and all. You may not want to out in it.”

“May need to, hard to travel when drenched.” Lurren giggled and wondered where that sound came from. She was being so girlish around him, her senses knew it but her emotions controlled it.

Bolund was fumbling for the right words, “If you are staying..maybe you. Probably already have plans. In case, you don’t…well, could..if you want. Join me for dinner?”

She was brushing off nothing from her armor while trying to find a silly smile from him. “Sounds fun. Meet you in the tavern?”

Bolund crossed his arms, “I should say not. Tonight I cook for you in the store.”

“What?” Lurren wasn’t quite sure she heard correctly. He wanted to cook for her? For her!

He was heading home to prepare for his date. “Come by around 7 or so.”

Suddenly she didn’t feel like fighting anymore. The night was young and she had her own personal chef. Maybe she should talk to Thrynn and patch things up then go to dinner with Mr. Blue Eyes. She knew exactly the right method to try mending the torn friendship as she headed for the tavern.

“DA13!! DA13!!” Nikolai was shouting as he ran to her. “Wow, I am beginning to understand why you say no so much. I went down there to give the crops to the farmer. Now the priest wants something done. Also the farmer mentioned some prisoner who killed his daughter.” He just knew Lurren would flip out once he told her about the other tasks. “Priest is sending me to a cave. I’m going to talk to that prisoner real quick as I’m curious about him.”

“No hurry, Nikolai. We are staying the night.” Lurren pointed with one finger to the sky. “Will be raining.”

Nikolai looked up at the clear sky. “Well, if you say so.”

“I say so.” She patted him on his chest just under one shoulder. “See you in the morning.”

“Right.” Nikolai was slightly puzzled at her change and watched her disappear into the tavern before heading to the jailhouse.

Lurren scanned the tavern for one person and saw his back at a table. Sadly, he wasn’t alone as Vilja, Princess, and Nadina were catering to his every need. Sven and Golldir were flirting with Narri, who loved all the attention.

Lurren pushed Nadina to the side and slid onto the bench across from Thrynn. She put the Book of Bandits on the table and flipped it open. Tapping on a page, she looked across at the man who would not look at her. “I noticed something between the book I came with and the one from Vilja. First, if you would take a look at this page here.” She flipped the book around, pushed it closer to him then tapped the page. “This clan is from the Pale, correct?”

Thrynn took her right arm and folded it across the table in front her. He proceeded to follow the same process with her left arm. With one hand he slammed the book shut and stood up.

She looked over at the three angry women staring back at her. They all jumped slightly when the slam of the tavern door shook the entire town of Falkreath. Lurren sighed as they pointed for her to follow him. Without another word, she left the tavern to deal with him.

Thrynn was leaning against the tavern outside wall when Lurren walked out. Everything was a mess to him, especially since she came into his life. A soft scent of lavender followed her. It touched you as she approached, stayed after she left.

Lurren leaned against the fence, not facing him yet still having a side view of his profile. “It is only my opinion, Thrynn, that you were a blight bandit.”

He pinched the bridge of his nose then rubbed his eyes. “Maybe I was just a bandit?”

“If you were but you weren’t, Thrynn.” Lurren tapped the book with one finger. “There are more clans of bandits here then originally thought.”

“Guess what, DA13, you are on a wild chase here. You will never find these leaders. What you will find are more bandits than you can handle.” His arms were folded across his chest and his eyes never looked at her. “Indigoblade knows this. The bandits here are deadly, the bandits coming are dangerous. You do understand the difference between deadly and dangerous?”

She waves a hand in the air, “Pfft, of course I do. It still doesn’t change the fact you are or were a blight bandit.”

“You don’t know. If you did, your own words would show it.” Thrynn was heading back into the tavern, stopping briefly to add the last word. “Deadly is what you know to expect. Dangerous is what you don’t know to expect. Skyrim bandits are deadly; Indigoblade’s bandits are dangerous.”

“Well, apparently Thrynn falls into the Dangerous category yet he is deadly.” Lurren thought as she watched his back disappear behind the tavern door. While the conversation didn’t produce any friendship on the mend, they at least spoke. His words were troubling, why did he keep pointing directly at Indigoblade. She wanted to freshen up before dinner with Bolund. Putting up camp would help kill some time plus give her time to think.

“Honestly, I think Narri loves all the attention from the men. About as much as she loves giving it out, too.” Vilja’s voice floated in behind Lurren. “It’s so nice to be traveling with everyone, Skyrim can be so scary all alone.”

Lurren kept working on the tent as Vilja told her stories.

“I had a great-great nephew named BonBon, who used to build fires. One day, he stood on the wrong side of the fire on a windy day. Not much more to tell after that day.” Vilja smoothed down one side of the tent. “Then poor Auntie Mashpot had her crops stolen one year. Someone planted leeks instead. When Auntie Mashpot saw that she cried ‘Eek! Leek!’…well, my Uncle Mashpot thought she meant a leak. He tore out the roof immediately and it rained that night.”

Lurren couldn’t take it anymore and asked what happened to her relatives.

“It was determined that they did indeed have a leak by all the water in the house. Of course, everything was ruined so they moved out. Was cheaper.” Vilja adjusted the bedrolls outside of the tent. “I remembered why I divorced Thrynn the first time.”

“What?” Lurren couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“He loves women too much. Not that I mind but sometimes I can’t even talk to him.” Vilja fixed the table Lurren set up so it was more even and steady. “What I mean is the other women are always around him.”

“So you aren’t married to him? Since you are divorced.”

“No. We were mistaken. Now, Princess is all over him.” Vilja looked sad though Lurren wasn’t too broken up about it.

“I am sorry, Vilja. Perhaps you will find another.” Lurren smiled while hoping she would go away. She had a date and couldn’t be late!

“You are just the best friend ever! Maybe we could find us both someone, wouldn’t that be fun?” Vilja hugged Lurren. “Double wedding, maybe have another one in Solstheim.”

Lurren smiled and nodded, “Sure, let’s work on finding you one first.” Moments were ticking away as she tried to get Vilja back to the tavern. “Perhaps you should go look around the tavern for a few future prospects?” She thought bringing some flowers to the dinner would be nice. “I need to find some items so if you will excuse me.”

“I will help then we can go to the tavern.” Vilja followed behind.

Lurren stopped to turn around. “You can’t, Vilja.”

“I don’t think I like this.” Vilja’s lower lip puckered.

“Vilja, I am..well, having dinner..a meal with umm, someone.” Lurren thought that should clear things up.

Her eyes brightened that matched her smile. “DA13! Who is it? What is his name?”

“Oh golly, he is just the sweetest.” Lurren felt her cheeks flush as she mentioned him.

“Who is he?” Vilja bounced up and down holding onto Lurren’s arm. No wait, let me guess.” She paced back and forth, clicking off names from her fingers. “NO! HIM!”

Lurren just shook her head, “No, it’s not Nikolai.”

“OH?” Vilja was puzzled but wanted to know that name. “Who then?”

Lurren smelled the red mountain flowers, so lovely when freshly picked. “He works the mill.” She was leading them back into the small town.

“Bolund? He is so mean to anyone who isn’t a Nord.” Vilja frowned at this news. “He claims Valga is a gossip and troublemaker. She does like to hear gossip but never seen her cause trouble. Solak says he doesn’t talk much, won’t it be boring?”

“He is very sweet.” Lurren stopped her outside of the tent. “Please, Vilja, I need to get ready. Will speak later.”

“Very well. Tell me all about it when you are done.” Vilja skipped off to the tavern.

Lurren ran one hand through her hair and disappeared into the tent. She needed some items from the barrel. While looking through the barrel, she slammed the lid back down and spun around.

Thrynn was standing in the corner staring with his arms folded.

“What are you doing in here?” Lurren cursed silently at her bad luck.

“You asked me if I was from the Blight clan, I ask you why do you think that?”

Lurren figured this would be a quick conversation since they only can handle each other for a minute or two. “Cistern was my first clue, your bed’s location. What they use you for. You were never a plain bandit, Thrynn. This was how you were brought up.”

“I congratulate you for your impressive skills as a bandit hunter.” Thrynn admitted internally that he never thought she would figure that out. “My parents were bandits, my father was the original one. He found my mother in a village they raided. They stole her from the family home and were going to make her…well, my father protected her.” His eyes moved along Lurren’s body. “They fell in love, she was always the lady first but lived as a bandit. She taught my father many things. They were good people. Not to the standards of society yet in the ways of bandits, they were high class.”

As much as she wanted to talk with him, she really needed for him to get lost. “That’s interesting, Thrynn. Thank you for sharing.” When he sat down in the chair, she knew this dinner date was going to be late.

“Tell me, DA13, do you really think you are ever leaving Skyrim?”

“What kind of a question is that? Of course, I will be leaving. There are only so many of the lords, I will find and eliminate them all.” She really needed him to leave but wanted it on friendly terms.

“I wish you luck then. You may be able to eliminate dragons, but you can’t eliminate the bandits. Either you leave Skyrim without mission accomplished or you stay here to fight endless bandits.” Thrynn stood up and walked to the tent flap. “I’m heading back to Riften. Take care of yourself.”

“Aw gee, Thrynn, why?” Lurren grabbed his arm before he left. “Please, stay with me. Well, I don’t mean stay in the sense of staying but, you know, stay with me as my partner. Not a partner as others would refer to when speaking of their other half. However there are those who say they have partners in crime, we are not truly that either. Though I am not against small crimes here and there that could use a partner, which you would be if you were staying with me.”

With his free arm, Thrynn ran his hand down his face and shook his head. “Do you ever hear yourself talk?”

“When it comes to men, I always assume that since it is a well known fact that men do not listen.” Lurren smirked wondering if he should be talking about listening to one’s voice.

“You were so close to having me stay with you.” Thrynn smiled so sweetly down at her while patting her hand still resting on his arm.

Lurren was giving it her one last heave-ho to keep them together then she was going to toss him out. “Look, Thrynn, I apologize. I honestly need your help; I do wish you would stay with me. In the sense, I previou..”

Thrynn just put one finger to her mouth to hush. “Fair enough, DA13. Have fun on your date.” With that last comment he was out the tent and walking to the tavern.

Her one finger was waving back and forth at his back until the flap covered the view. Figures he would know about it, probably heard while she was talking to Vilja outside earlier. Still she liked the thought of spending time with Bolund. He was so sweet, probably not a side most ever saw. But she did and he made her feel like royalty bathing in flowing septims.

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