Vampires, Werewolves and Bolund

Solak watched his brother setting up a table, “Bolund, what are you doing? Shop is still open.”

“Close up early, Solak. I need the shop.” Bolund replied while throwing a cloth over the table to hide the worn state of it. “Dining with a lady tonight.”

“You old dog. Who is the lucky lady?” Solak watched his brother prepare the table.

Bolund was placing plate and cup settings. “She’s new to town. Has the most beautiful eyes.” He stopped briefly to see her image within his mind.

“Ah, the woman part of that group. Good choice, brother.” Solak was wiping down the counter and putting away items displayed on it.

“Just hurry up, Solak. I don’t want you here when she arrives.” Bolund was looking around for some forks.

Lurren was holding up the elven armor she kept for special occasions. Freya’s Raiment beautifully crafted light armor by MsMatching, who named it after the Norse Goddess. Lurren loved the armor and it was perfect for tonight. With the last few touches, she was ready for dinner with Bolund.

“Good thing I found you.” Nikolai said after knocking on the tent flap to speak with Lurren. “That was the strangest chat I have ever had with someone. Wow, don’t you look gorgeous!” He just noticed her standing in different attire and nearly forgot why he came to see her. “I’m sorry, where was I…oh yes, anyway look at this ring.” Nikolai held the ring up between two fingers while looking at her through the center.

Lurren slipped her index finger through the ring and removed it from Nikolai’s fingers. “This is quite lovely.” She wiggled the finger at Nikolai. “I must go so you may take it back.”

“That’s the problem, DA13.”

“What problem?” Lurren suddenly didn’t like this turn in the conversation.

Nikolai looked down at the ring then at her. “That ring is…umm…wow, I can’t believe you put it on!”

She grabbed his arm, “What’s wrong with this ring, Nikolai? It’s natural for women to want to try on jewelry.”

“It sort of belongs to a Daedric Prince.” Nikolai just knew he was fired.

“WHAT? Do you realize that I just told some dog that I would not help him because of a Daedric Prince?” Lurren really needed to go yet Nikolai needed her attention as well. “What prince are you referring to?”

“That would be Hircine…” Nikolai was nodding his head while he spoke. “That, umm, would be a werewolf of the sort. You talked to a dog?”

“A werewolf! Nikolai! What is wrong with Skyrim? Werewolves? What’s next? Vampires? More dragons? Pirates? More bards?” Lurren decided to end it since Bolund was waiting. “Okay, Nikolai, we will deal with this ring later. I need to go.”

“I’m really sorry, DA13. I didn’t realize you would put it on.” Nikolai was glad he didn’t have the ring any longer. He certainly didn’t expect Lurren to put it on either. “Sure thing. I’ll just speak with you in the morning. But, umm, the talking dog part, well…” Her glare sent him out of the tent and scampering for the tavern.

Lurren tried to push the ring out of her memory as she approached the general store.

“Go fiddling with any locks around here and we’re gonna have a real problem.” One Falkreath guard told her as they past each other.

Bolund ran his hand over his hair for the final check before he opened the door. “Welcome, please come in.” He stepped aside to let Lurren enter then closed the door behind her.

Candles surrounding the small square table in the middle lit up the room. One empty wine bottle held mountain flowers in the center. Aromatic smells filled the air of freshly baked bread and simmering stew.

Bolund rushed forward to pull out her chair, “Please be seated.” He helped push her chair back in after Lurren sat down. “Let me fetch us some wine.”

Lurren couldn’t believe how nice he was. Since coming to Skyrim no one has been this kind to her unless they wanted something first. Not Bolund, if he had a hidden agenda Lurren would be very surprised. “Thank you. This is lovely, Bolund. I love the scent of these flowers.”

Bolund placed her glass of wine onto the table, “Best wine around. White Water Wine, grown right here in Skyrim. By Whiterun, they have an inn there. They buy my lumber and I buy their wine.” He poured her some wine and placed warm bread with butter onto the table. “At times I think I’m buying more from them than vice versa.”

“I don’t think I like this.” Vilja was telling Nikolai inside the tavern. “She shouldn’t be alone with him. Don’t you agree?”

“I am sure she is fine.” Though Nikolai wasn’t so sure of that. Lurren had only met the man and now she is dining alone with him. He sighed remembering his first date with his late wife, Thildre. It seemed like a blur anymore, the image always changes from her unmarked face to that of her dead.

Thrynn was sitting at one table with Princess stretched out using his right side to lean her back against. “Guess what I am?” She cooed softly to him.

“Let me see…a vampire.” Thrynn knew immediately what she was the first time he saw her. Can’t miss those eyes.

“Awww, you are no fun. Wanna be one with me?” She turned slightly and ran her tongue slowly over her upper lip. “I promise it won’t hurt.”

“I don’t think so. The offer is nice but being a vampire isn’t what I want.” Thrynn knew what he wanted but she was with someone else.

Princess spun around to face him and walked her fingers along his shoulder. “This happy clan is too large. Let’s weed them down some.” She motioned to Golldir. “He is pointless to have around, don’t you think so? I bet you can handle all of us women better than all these men combined.”

Thrynn knew some facts were just difficult to dispute about him. Women and him fit together nicely like a glove. Warm nights and a warm woman is enough to warm his heart. Still he had his limits and didn’t take just anyone to bed with him. Princess was deadly, he knew her kind and if one didn’t watch their steps, she would suck them in and spit them back out dry. Golldir may find himself being a victim of her if he didn’t watch for those signs. “It’s far from being a happy clan.”

Her finger played with his hair as she moved closer to his body. “Perhaps we should start working on making it happy. Pleasingly happy.” The warmth of her breath brushed against his ear.

“Are you from Skyrim?” Bolund had dinner on the table and was sitting down to join Lurren.

“No.” Lurren was inhaling the rich smell of hot apple cabbage stew. Sweetness to offset the bitterness made this dish popular.

“Must be from elsewhere then.” Bolund said before taking a drink of wine then reaching for some bread.

“Must be.” Lurren gigged realizing she had heard that same question before. It’s like everyone repeats the same lines over. One might suspect they were all programmed or at least attended the same Speech class.

Bolund was curious about her, “What brought you to Skyrim?”

Lurren swallowed the first bite of stew then fell in love with his cooking. It was so delicious with the stew, baked potatoes, grilled leeks and apple pie. White Water Wine to top it off. “I’m a bandit hunter, OBIS agent.”

“Finally, someone is around that will be useful to Skyrim. Bandits are a problem, growing menace as well.” Bolund had his share of problems with them. Late nights bandits would sneak down to his lumber mill and steal wood. Guards try to keep them at bay but there are only so many guards available. If Bolund lived elsewhere the losses would be more of a problem but in Falkreath there was no shortage of trees. “Agent, huh?”

“Yes, Agent Lurren. I’m tracking down certain leaders to break up their operations. There is one top leader that I seek as well. Finding him will rip the heart out of the whole bandit organizations going on here.” Lurren stopped long enough to take another drink of wine. “Have an ex-bandit helping me so with any luck should have the issues wrapped up before too long. Then the bandit crisis is stopped cold before it could even get bigger.”

“I can’t believe we let provincials like them wander Skyrim.” Bolund was disgusted at the bandit situation and the Jarls doing nothing about it. Now a brave unknown woman comes to Skyrim to fight them. She was pretty tough he liked that about her. “Always been a bandit hunter?” He asked while pouring them more wine.

Lurren nodded, “All my life, born into a family of them. My parents worked for the same company before Indigoblade took over as well. There are different divisions in the organization. I work in the bandit division. Jebbalon oversees the treasure hunting, which I do think could be quite profitable for those workers. Tcubed supervises the division that measures the sands of time. That would be a boring job, just looking at a grain of sand and measuring how many times it moved. Imagine if you lost count, too.”

“Aye, that would be a problem.” Bolund went to get another bottle of wine. “Just the three divisions?”

“Oh no, Indigoblade have several other ones. Forzane handles the payroll though he prefers to call it OBIS loot. Claims the goods recovered from bandits pay the salary. He got well over one thousand signatures to endorse his new term. Now paydays are known as OBIS loot. However, my parents weren’t in the three I mentioned. They were infiltrators.” Lurren watched him closely for any reaction.

“Why aren’t you one? What other family members were bandit hunters?” Bolund had never met a woman with such a criminal family history before.

Lurren stood up to look at some of the displays Solak had up. “I am one as well, just a different type. For now, I am bandit hunting per my mission. My grandparents were hunters of a sort, both sides in fact, just runs deep in our family. Tell me, Bolund, what is the difference between deadly and dangerous?”

Bolund laughed, “Pop quiz, eh? Difference is when something or someone is dangerous you don’t know it. But when they turn up dead, Lee, it’s too late.”

She didn’t know if it was the wine making her feel silly but his joke certainly was. “That’s not the difference..haha.”

“Yay, it sounded good, didn’t it?” He was cutting them slices of apple pie for dessert.

Lydia stood guard at the door when Nikolai walked over with a bottle of mead for her. “For you.” He said while extending his hand out holding the bottle.

“Thanks, Nikolai. Could certainly use this. Gods, this place is boring.” Lydia said before taking a drink of the fresh mead.

Nikolai agreed it was rather dull, probably because Lurren wasn’t here to cause whatever she causes. “I’m right behind you on that. Think DA13 will take everyone tomorrow when she leaves?”

“If she leaves. I don’t know, I would leave people behind.” Lydia had her training and knows what is good for her thane and what is not.

Princess had her arm around Thrynn’s shoulders while leaning her head against him. “Will you help me find someone?”

“Who are you looking for?” Thrynn asked though he wasn’t really listening. His thoughts were of another building and the woman inside it.

“Lord Harkon.” She was running one finger along his right hand. “I know he is in here in Skyrim but I can’t find where.”

Thrynn was tired, the days seemed longer anymore. Something was always happening around him or to him. “I’m not the leader. If you need someone to help vouch for you, I’ll do it.” He looked directly at the woman vampire who oozed sexuality and deceit. “But if you bite me, all bets are off. Even afterward, don’t try it.”

“Perfect arrangement, lover.” Princess leaned in to kiss his cheek. “You let me know if you change your mind. I certainly would not mind taking it all off.” Her hand dragged across his shoulders as she headed for Golldir.

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