Getting Guards While Saving Thrynn

Solak felt many eyes upon him while heading for the tavern door. He felt those same eyes upon him when he returned and rented out a room. At home his brother was passed out in his bed while Lurren slept in Bolund’s bed. The shop was somewhat straightened out but Solak could tell things got a bit wild.

Thrynn slammed his 23rd bottle of mead on the table then stood up. “Enough of this!”

Vilja touched his arm, “I do agree. Let’s go get some sleep.”

“Negative. I’m going over to get Lurren.” Thrynn was determined to stop the date.

“No! No!” Vilja cried as she leaped on his back. “Don’t do that, even you said she was fine.”

Princess wasn’t about to let this opportunity go by and raced over in front of them. “Going somewhere, big boy?”

“Out of my way, lady.” Thrynn was trying to pry Vilja’s grip from his shoulders but she kept slapping at his hands.

Princess leaped onto Thrynn’s chest then smiled sweetly at the glaring Vilja. “I’m out of the way, lover.” Her laughter filled the tavern as Vilja began slapping at Princess’s hands.

Lydia grabbed Thrynn’s left arm to help free the women and stop him from leaving. “My Thane, this is risky. If he falls backward.”

“I have never fallen backward, not even in a fight.” Thrynn barked at Lydia. “Now get out of my way.”

Nadina knew that being a Redguard warrior; she could stop the brute quickly and dove for his right arm. “Where you going, you husky male?”

Golldir raced over to retrieve Princess, Sven jumped up to rescue Nadina and Nikolai casually strolled over to save Lydia.

The tavern door proved a bit difficult to get through with four ladies hanging onto Thrynn and three men trying to pull them off. With several failed attempts Thrynn turned sideways and managed to squeeze through the doorway. Vilja and Princess had to push their bodies closer to his, an action Princess enjoyed very much. Thrynn carried the four ladies down the steps; almost blind to the fact they were clinging to him. He wanted to destroy Bolund for stealing Lurren away. If Bolund even considers marrying her, it would be the last thought ever that man would have.

“Strolling the night away,

In your arms I stay,

On your back, in your lap,

We fight to keep you at bay”

Nadina belted out her latest and greatest jingle then insisted everyone join in. Their voice broke the calm night air causing several doors to be opened and shouts to be quiet were heard.

“That’s enough! You are all under arrest for disturbing the peace.” One Falkreath guard ran over to the massive human ball. “Let that man go!” Two more guards appeared to begin removing bodies from Thrynn’s oversized frame. “This is what happens when you cause trouble in our town, I’ll haul you in myself. Let’s move!”

Vilja decided to explain the situation, “We aren’t fighting, just trying to stop him. I am the Dragonborn of Legend plus the Thane of Whiterun. Surely you can understand my position.”

“I understand one thing, you are disturbing the peace. Singing isn’t allowed at this hour unless inside the tavern. You may be Thane of Whiterun but that means nothing here. Dragonborn or not, you are still under arrest. MOVE!” Five guards were now surrounding the group with swords drawn. “You can do this the easy way or the hard way. Makes no difference to us.”

Lydia spoke up to defend her thane. “I am her housecarl and if you have any issues with my thane, please speak to me.”

“Not a problem, housecarl. You and your thane are under arrest.” The guard motioned for the prisoners to start moving toward the jailhouse. “We are done talking.”

Vilja, Princess, Nadina, Lydia, Golldir, Nikolai and Sven were herded toward jail while Thrynn was released. In the guard’s eyes, Thrynn was the victim of mob brutality. “Best to get off the road. We will handle it from here. I don’t know where you were going but don’t. Go back to the tavern or elsewhere. Just don’t lollygag outside or I will arrest you as well.” With that final warning, the guard followed the rest of the criminals and guards.

Thrynn was glad to be rid of the group, now he could turn his attention to the matter at hand. He regretted not being the sneaky type otherwise he could have broken into the shop. Instead he opted for watching that door from outside the tavern. The guard did tell him to go back to the tavern, he just didn’t specify if Thrynn should go inside. Stretching out on the bench, which was tricky due to his size, he waited for the morning light.

Bolund sprung up from the bed, feeling great and refreshed. He smiled at the sleeping body in his bed as he prepared for work. She was so beautiful; he couldn’t believe his fortune in finding her. Hearing the shop door open and close, he hurried downstairs in case it was an intruder.

Solak gave his brother a dirty look then began sweeping up the remaining mess left behind from Bolund’s date. “Glad you had a good time.”

Bolund slapped his hand down on Solak’s shoulder, “Thanks. I’m thinking of asking her for dinner again.”

“Oh no you don’t, not in the shop! Besides, Bolund, that group with her didn’t seem too thrilled about this.” Solak had heard conversations in the tavern and knew some weren’t very easy about their date.

“Yeah? Who has a problem with it?” Bolund would speak to them directly if necessary because they had no say so in whom Lurren had dinner with.

“Forget it, Bolund. I need to finish getting the shop ready to open. You need to get down to the mill; the Jarl has a new order for some lumber.” Solak was cleaning off the counter then rearranged the potions on one shelf. “He wants it ready before noon so best get going.”

“She is still sleeping, don’t wake her up.” Bolund said before he disappeared out the door.

Solak glanced up at the ceiling then sighed.

Thrynn was awake and sitting on the bench. His head was pounding from too much mead, and caring too much for some nutty female. ‘What is the matter with me?’ He thought while watching Bolund exit the shop and head for the mill. Lurren was crazy, all she had to do was walk into your life and you could never get rid of her. There was something more to her, Thrynn just felt it, he knew it but what it was he couldn’t pinpoint. She was playing them, bit by bit, the actress who sucked in her audience then filled them with mystery and intrigue. Yet, he couldn’t shake his feelings for her but he wasn’t about to let her know.

Lurren rolled over in the bed; her arm quickly covered her eyes from the light stinging her eyes. Suddenly remembering where she was, Lurren sat up quickly then regretted that move. Flopping back down to the bed, her head hurt along with the rest of her body. Her mouth was dry, hair was a mess and someone was glaring at her from the stairs.

“Steal anything from my shop and you’ll regret it.” Solak gave his stern warning to her.

Lurren opened one eye to look at the owner of the angry voice. “Okay.” She didn’t want to fight with him or anyone else; her head simply could not take it.

“You’re making a big mistake!” Vilja hollered from her cell. “I demand you let us out!”

“Did you say something, my hearing isn’t so good.” The guard strolled over to the cell filled with lawbreakers.

“I said to let us out, we did nothing wrong.” Vilja had her face at the bars. “We were saving our friend from doing something stupid.”

“Uh-huh so instead you did something stupid. No dice, lady. You stay here until someone comes to bail you out.”

Princess was sitting in Golldir’s lap circling one finger on his cheek. “I like being chained up.”

Golldir’s body was going mad with her touch. “Such the wildcat you are.” He growled softly in her ear causing her to giggle.

Nikolai was leaning against the wall next to Lydia. “Wow, never a dull moment with this group. Didn’t expect to end up in jail without Lurren being tossed in with us.”

“Aye, this is still her fault. Jarl Balgruuf should be informed of this treatment to his favorite thane.” Lydia was mentally developing her report to the leader of Whiterun while noticing the handsome man next to her.

Nadina’s head was resting on Sven’s lap as they devised another short tune.

“Locked away from the light of day,

Nothing to do, nothing to see,

Just you and me in a lonely cell,

Wish we had some mead to share.”

Sven pinched her nose while she sang causing her voice to sound different.

Lurren was slowly walking down the stairs, every step echoed pain through her body. No more wine for her, no more dates, no more Skyrim. She was done with this crazy place but remembered her own promise to Ralof. Smiling weakly at Solak who continued to glare, she nearly fell over when the bright daylight crushed her eyes when she opened the door. Naturally things only got worse the moment she stepped outside.

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