Breaking Out and Breaking Up

His voice shattered the peaceful morning exploding inside her head. “Good morning, DA13. Sleep well?”

She grabbed the post to hang on from the force of his voice. “Thrynn… imagine that.” One hand rubbed her eyes to prevent her from looking at him.

“I have something for you, your eyes only.” The breathless courier said as he raced up to Lurren. “Let’s see here now…I have a letter and a book from…hey!”

Thrynn removed the items from the shocked courier then pointed for him to leave. “I’ll take care of this.”

“That’s not how it works, Mister. Those are for her, not you.” His hand was extended out for Thrynn to return them.

“Is that a fact? Want to try to remove them because you aren’t getting them back.” Thrynn gave the courier one of his deadly smiles causing the young man to reconsider his request.

“I guess not, she is right here and you are right here. Well, gotta go.” He darted off before the large Nord did any harm to him.

Thrynn smiled at the courier’s back then turned his attention back to Lurren. “A letter for you. Shall I read it?”

“Where are the others?” Lurren asked when she realized no one else was with him. That was a dangerous situation for her to be alone with Thrynn. She just knew he was waiting for the right moment to smash her down.

“In jail.” He replied while opening the letter.

“What?” She flinched when her question came out a bit too loud for her head.

He looked up over the letter, “Arrested.”

She considered going back inside the shop and return to bed. Maybe a few more hours of sleep would put Skyrim back in order. “What do you mean arrested?”

“That’s what happens when you break the law. You know about breaking the law, don’t you, DA13? Oh wait, you know about breaking policy and procedures according to the note from…who was it again? Boss man? Chief? OBIS hot shot?” Thrynn was swinging the letter side to side while smiling at her.

Lurren wanted to die right there, she didn’t need Thrynn reading her private letters then commenting about them. “Okay, Thrynn, what does it say?”

He cleared his throat, flicked the paper in one hand then proceeded to read it.

Agent Lurren,

 “That is so cute how he calls you Agent Lurren. Maybe we should tell him about your promotions and new title.”

 She wanted to kill Thrynn right then and there.

 It occurred to me the reason I have not received any reports from you is your failure to cooperate within the rules and regulations of our policy regarding status reports. I do love it when I can write long sentences as much as I am sure you love hearing from me.

 Since you still seem to refuse to provide me with regular updates, I have sent along the company policy book regarding this. I trust you will read it immediately to refresh your memory of this rule and seek to remedy it quickly. Do I make myself clear, Agent Lurren?

 Thrynn clicked his tongue to cheek, “He called you Agent Lurren again. What a wonderful working relationship you have. It’s obvious he is praising your work.”

 What was more obvious to Lurren was Thrynn being alive when in fact he should not exist at all.

 I am eager to learn if you have gone to Markarth yet, found the ex-bandit and have at least managed to locate one leader we seek.

 Now for the urgent matter…please review what urgent means so you act quickly upon this information.

 Again, activity is humming based upon another letter we discovered.

 My Lord Vok,

 We are in control. Hundreds of new men and women of all races have flocked to our banner. Whether they were parts of other clans, guilds, or gangs, these bandits are all ready to die at our word. My troops number count is over a thousand and more showing up each day. We must unleash ourselves soon, in fear that in our excitement we might make us cut each other’s throats. We have been restructured, specialized, and most of all ready to seize this land. I was honored to accept this position to ensure our new recruits are prepared and now I am proud to show those in Skyrim our true power. We shall shape this world into the vision of chaos my Lord has foreseen. I will soon be ready to make it happen. I am prepared to unleash the Second Legion.

 For the Lawless,

Skevold the Faceless

Master of the Brotherhood of the Masks and High Commander of the Second Legion

 As you can see, Agent Lurren, if you don’t get into gear and eliminate the threat, Skyrim will never be the same.

“You know what is interesting, DA13?” Thrynn’s sweet condescending voice filled her ears. “Is how your boss knew that about Skyrim…your arrival maybe?”

She grabbed the note from his hand and walked away. Lurren stopped when he tapped her shoulder and handed the book over as well. She yanked it from his hand and went to Vilja’s tent.

Thrynn followed behind her and had to open the flap since she forced it closed on his face. “How was dinner, DA13?”

Lurren spun around too quickly and glared mostly because her head hurt and not so much actually glaring at him. “What do you want, Thrynn? Go get your wife and her relatives out of jail then get lost. I have things to do and talking to you isn’t one of them.”

Thrynn only folded his arms across his chest, “Like sending your boss reports? I’m sorry, did you want to have dinner with me?”

“The last thing I would ever do in Skyrim is have dinner with you.” She knew he was toying with her. Lurren’s displeasure with him showed as she shoved the letter and book into her knapsack. “What I send to Indigoblade, which you will address him as, is not your business either.”

“Funny, last night you begged me to stay with you and today you want me gone. You are by far the most wispy-washy woman I have met in my life!” Thrynn’s voice was rising to a dangerous level.

“Then let me make this clear…get out!” Lurren hated how he threw her words back at her.

He got very close to her and looked down, “This is final. When I walk out of here, don’t bother come looking for me. The answer will be no. Is that clear?”

Lurren smiled up at the angry face, “Perfectly.” She returned to tearing down the tent and getting out of Falkreath.

Thrynn just walked out, leaving her alone and headed for the jail to retrieve everyone.

Lurren couldn’t believe what just happened. She lost Thrynn and will need to fudge her report to Indigoblade about him. After packing up the last of the tent, she headed toward the mill to thank Bolund for the wonderful evening. Smiling as she recalled the fun time they had, she won all the Frostybite games though Bolund swore she cheated. Before heading to him, she threw a healing spell on herself. In her line of work, healing yourself was critical and she had spent time studying restoration. While others would gasp at her wounds, she knew they were minor with her skills at healing.

“Sorry, can’t let them go.” The guard told Thrynn who wanted to bail out his friends.

“Why not?” Thrynn was angry and in no mood for nonsense. If he wanted that he would go back to Lurren.

“The Dragonborn is trying to force the door open with her voice. Shout it apart.” He shrugged at the crazy idea but Vilja had not managed to break the door down so he didn’t mind telling others of her scheme.

“I must need more training.” Vilja informed Nikolai who was watching her attempts to shout. “DA13 is taking me to see the Greybeards per the Jarl.”

Nikolai looked over at Thrynn still at the guard’s desk then back at Vilja. “Might be a problem since she isn’t with Thrynn.” He motioned with his head toward Thrynn.

“Darling! You are here…please get us out!” Vilja squeezed her face between the bars to shout at him.

Bolund was reviewing the new order when he heard footsteps behind him and turned around. “A hearty good morning to you! You look beautiful.”

Lurren blushed though she felt far away from looking beautiful. Any thoughts of Thrynn were swept away when she saw Bolund’s smiling face. “Bolund.”

“You leaving?” Bolund noticed she was carrying her knapsack.

“Yes, I must head out to do some work.” Lurren was standing next to him watching the lumber being cut in half. “I wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening. It was a fabulous time though my head hurts from too much wine.” She giggled while lowering her head.

Bolund was sad to learn this but offered her an invitation to return any time she wanted. “I am sorry to hear that but please come back when you can. At least stop by to say hello.”

She looked up at him, seeing Nylus’s face in place of Bolund’s. “I will be back.” Her words were for the one she loved though he didn’t hear them. When Bolund spoke Nylus shattered and reality set back in.

“Then I look forward to seeing you.” He leaned down placing a small kiss to her cheek. “Stay safe and watch the skies.” Bolund pointed up with one finger. “Dragons, you know.”

“You keep an eye out for rain.” Lurren smiled and patted him on the chest just under one shoulder, “I will. Take care of yourself.” One hand touched the spot where he kissed her; it had been too long since she felt sweet kisses upon her face.

Bolund laughed, at least his trick worked and he got to spend an evening with a very lovely woman with alluring eyes.

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