Freedom and Plots Await

Thrynn walked over to the jail door and yanked it open even though it was locked. His group spilled out of the cell while the guard protested until Thrynn mentioned something about the Thieves Guild. The guard opened the door for everyone to leave as Thrynn dropped some gold into his hand.

“I’m glad that is over.” Golldir said when he stepped outside. “Probably lost some of my skills sitting in there.”

Princess slid her arms around his shoulders, “Then we will just need to work on them.” Her purring voice melted Golldir who quickly agreed that was a great idea.

“Where is DA13?” Vilja asked Thrynn as she tried to keep up with his fast pace.

Thrynn didn’t want to talk about Lurren or even hear her name; title or whatever was associated to her. “Gone.”

“What?” Vilja tugged on his arm, wanting him to stop. “Isn’t she with Bolund?”

“Yeah, no doubt.”

“Well, let’s go get her. She is taking me to see the Greybeards.” Vilja jumped in front of him forcing him to stop.

“Look, kitten.” He looked down at her flawless face and tugged playfully on one of her braids. “Lurren isn’t coming with us anymore, I will take you to see them.” He put one arm across her shoulder and steered her toward the open road out of Falkreath.

Vilja nestled into his arm, happy to know she will be going to see the masters and learn more of her new gift. “Pity, I hate losing good friends.”

Thrynn knew Lurren didn’t consider Vilja or any of them as friends but he would never tell Vilja that. He could barely tell that to his own heart but the truth was Lurren didn’t care for him either. It was a hard potion to swallow yet he was determined to put any thoughts or talk about her aside…forever.

Lurren was sitting on old tree stump by the small babbling creek running along the mill. She watched Bolund working before pulling out Indigoblade’s letter and book from the knapsack. Reading down to where Thrynn left off:

“As you can see, Agent Lurren, if you don’t get into gear and eliminate the threat, Skyrim will never be the same.

As a token of my employment, I promise to send Nylus to Skyrim upon receiving a status report from you. No report, no Nylus.

I trust, Agent Lurren, you are busy scribbling out a report as you read this since we both know how much Nylus means to you. And I know how much those reports mean to me…do we have a deal? You let know me by sending a report promptly.

Just in case you are wondering, I am smiling while writing this. It may be the smile of death if I don’t get those reports or it may be the smile of fulfilling a promise. I do promise you that I am smiling and we both know how much you love promises…

Your boss who awaits those reports,

Her eyes narrowed at Indigoblade’s methods of tormenting her. His carrots dangling before her but he knew Nylus was key to getting her to write home. While completing the report was necessary, she needed to get to Markarth and investigate this disturbing news. How are these bandits getting so much support? Who is funding them? Surely the Eternal Council isn’t managing all the clans within Skyrim or are they? Lurren sat pondering these questions, even considering possible infiltration under the ruse of losing her family and joining the Women of the Hammer. Approaching footsteps caused Lurren to look up then sigh at the sight of Vilja.

Before the group had left Falkreath, Vilja had broken away to talk with Bolund but saw Lurren. “Here you are. I was wondering where you went.” Vilja said as she sat down next to Lurren and picking up her knapsack. “Thrynn says you aren’t coming with us, true?”

Lurren stood up and gathered her belongings from Vilja’s grip while looking down at her. “It’s true.”

“How was your date? Have fun?”

“What are you doing here?” Lurren asked but didn’t wait to hear her reasons and headed up the hillside along the creek.

Vilja followed behind her, “In hopes that you would talk to me.”

“Vilja, honestly, we have nothing to discuss. I need to be somewhere, which is not here talking to you. Please just go back to your group.” Lurren just stood staring ahead at the open area, her knapsack hanging loosely at her side.

“Will we see you again?” Vilja was sad at how Lurren was treating her.

Lurren looked down at the ground, “No.”

“I see. Guess Thrynn was right.” Vilja was brushing one braid with her fingers, trying to hide her disappointment in losing Lurren’s friendship.

“Good-bye then.” Lurren wanted to be away from Falkreath, Whiterun, Riften and any other place that served no purpose to her bandit hunting. Though Falkreath did have one reason to stick around but she would come back to that later.

“You can’t fight all those bandits alone.” Vilja called out as Lurren moved forward. “Let us help you. Please?”

How Lurren hated the word please when people used it on her. She really needed to find the idiot who invented the word and shove it back down their throat. Turning around to face the pesky inspiring bard, “Vilja, I am a bandit hunter. You know what that is? We kill, that’s our job. I need to work alone. All Thrynn needs to do is breath and all of Skyrim will hear us. All he needs to do is speak one word and all of Skyrim will hear us. A chattering group of stupid song singing bards is not what I need with me. Keep pestering me and you will see just how deadly I can be.” Her eyes kept scanning the area for any signs of the monster she took out of Riften.

“I see.” Vilja snorted back at her stupid bandit killer friend who could probably not hold a note for the life of her. “Just remember if you come into the tavern I am performing in, your fee will be doubled.” Pleased with how she stuck it to Lurren for being so rude and mean to her. “You may leave.” Vilja’s hand was waving Lurren away.

“Thank you.” Lurren smiled back sweetly at her angry friend. “I’ll just be on my way.” She ran up the hillside to the open road then jumped in the air clicking her heels together at her success of being free of them finally. “Now down to business.”

Vilja whistled for the team to come out of hiding and proceeded to follow at a distance behind Lurren.

Thrynn had balked at the idea but gave in when Vilja promised to cook him dinner. He loved her cooking and how she fussed over him but she wasn’t the woman with the mysterious eyes that haunted his thoughts.

“Did you manage to get the notes to her?” Nikolai asked when he caught up to Vilja.

“I did. She won’t notice them until later then she will be back for us.” Vilja gave the thumbs up to him.

“You mean back for your throat.” Thrynn offered, as he didn’t agree with their plot.

Princess leaned against Thrynn’s arm to whisper up in his ear, “If I was her, I would come back for your throat and not to slit it open.” She playfully licked the palm of his hand then winked at him.

Thrynn looked down at the lovely vampire, if only she wasn’t one of those.

“But in case, she does…I will lick your wound clean.” Her upper teeth bit down on her lower lip as she drew in a deep breath while rubbing against his arm.

Nadina, the lively Redguard warrior, was beating on her drum to a new tune created by Sven.

“Trees, trees, trees,
Makes you feel so free,
Swaying north,
Swinging south,
But never east or west”

Sven proudly proclaimed that to be in honor of all the trees surrounding Falkreath and immediately enter it into the songbook.

Every step Lurren took brought her new freedom and silence. She whistled, she waved at traveling merchants, gave away coin to a couple that survived Helgen and stopped to smell all the flowers along the path. Life was grand, no Thrynn, no Vilja, no Princess, no Lydia and the list just goes on. When she camps for the night, she was going to write that report for the boss man then Nylus comes to her. The thought of being with him again made her almost camp to write that report but she needed to get closer to Markarth. She would just have to wait for nightfall then take care of business.

“I’ve been looking for you…again.” The courier from before showed up on the path waving a piece of paper. “Ummm, that large man isn’t with you, is he?”

Never ceased to amaze Lurren how these people could find anyone anywhere. “No, he is gone. What can I do for you?”

“I have a letter for you, your eyes only. Let’s see here…ah, it’s from MIMCIC. Oh, must be getting audited. Well, gotta go.” He darted away to reach his next destination.

Lurren laughed at how the adults always thought MIMCIC was auditing them. She opened the letter and rolled her eyes.

Greetings, FA1!

FA means Field Agent. You are our first field agent so you get number one. Neat, huh? Those of us working inside the cities and towns are known as HA. Hold Agents and there are nine of us.

We have been hearing rumors of a new septim and need for you to check this out. Seems there is talk among the guards about a tiber septim. Must be very rare since this coin slipped past us. Good thing we have plenty of SA’s on the job. That means Street Agent.

Don’t forget to send us status reports and be on the look out for this rare coin.

Yours truly,
Singpe Ctoomild

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