Reporting on Status and Taking Note

Lurren had it with all these report demands by everyone and decided to end it once and for all. Locating a spot to sit down on a fallen tree she yanked out the stack of letters from the knapsack. Finding the first note from Indigoblade, she compared it the latest one. Something wasn’t adding up…first letter indicated the Reach yet the second letter gave no location. One was from Vokman while the other from the Brotherhood of the Masks. ‘What is this madness?’ Lurren questioned silently. She got busy answering with the first report to MIMCIC.

Dear Singpe,

I received your note about finding the rare coin called tiber septim. While this is probably a good idea in theory, in reality it is quite the opposite. History shows that Tiber Septim was a person and not a coin. This particular person is also known as General Talos, Hjalti Early-Beard, the Dragonborn, and Ysmir. Above all, he was the Emperor for 81 years..golly he was old, wasn’t he? Therefore, I submit in this status report investigation into the Tiber Septim matter closed.

For other updates:

Whiterun carriage driver claims he only receives gold from passengers.
One source claimed rusty septims do not exist. I believe this is only in the minds of the bandits.

Other than that, there is nothing else to report at this time.

FA Lurren Genadyrose

Setting that note aside, she filled out the status report for her dear boss.

Dear Indigoblade,

Status Report

– Made it to Skyrim
– Ex-bandit from Riften located
– Working on Markarth

Just where exactly is this huge army gathering that was indicated in your last letter?

Agent Lurren Genadyrose

She was pleased at how short and sweet that report to the boss was without revealing too much information. Especially about that ex-bandit! Yet this will bring Nylus to her and even Thrynn was worth that. Staring out across the road without looking at anything she thought about Thrynn.

His soft brown eyes seemed to slide over her body like gentle kisses to the back of one’s neck. To feel his arms wrapping around her as they stood atop a mountain watching the sky conduct its nightly light show. Held in his arms as they lay together by an open campfire with him whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

That made her jerk back at the thought of his voice that close to her ear. Probably would have ear damage from that bass voice crushing her eardrum. She kicked a rock by her foot that went sailing through some grass and disappeared from sight. Why was she thinking that over-sized grump when she should be thinking of Nylus. ‘Damn you, Thrynn!’ Lurren scolded him mentally.

Shaking her head to rid it of the awful thoughts she was having of that awful man, she folded the letters wondering where to find a courier. How she hated the way they could find her but they were nowhere around when she needed them. Just like a Guard always present when you don’t want them but never when you do. As she was putting papers back into her knapsack, one caught her eye. Pulling it away from the pile, she opened it. Her eyes flashed angrily as she read:

Orders from Jarl Siddgeir – Kill the bandit leader at Bilegulch Mine.
Dengeir of Stuhn – Kill vampire at Bloodlet Throne

She scanned the road for the culprits but didn’t see them. So she left them a message on the note and hung it on a tree by a dagger. Though the bandit leader was a juicy tidbit that she couldn’t let go by. Pulling out her map she traced with a finger where this mine was. Using her broken compass she calculated the direction then headed that way. Markarth can wait. If necessary, she could always fudge another report to Indigoblade. With everything safely back into her knapsack, she headed off for the mine.

Vilja yawned as the group stood hiding in the trees watching Lurren. She was getting tired as the evening slowly pushed daylight away. While they were waiting for Lurren to leave she watched Thrynn closely. He stayed focus on Lurren, never looking away even when anyone spoke to him. ‘What is going on in that head of his?’ Vilja wondered when she noticed Lurren moving around.

Nikolai pointed to the tree that Lurren tacked the note on. “I think she found one and replied.” He wanted to go with Lurren and blamed himself for what happened at Falkreath. Never should have accepted those tasks. While he had some interest in Lydia, he definitely would like to get to know Lurren better. It felt odd to find romantic emotions within his heart again. His wife had all his love that was

ripped away at her death. For years his heart was empty while his body filled with mead drowning heartache and sorrow. Nikolai lifted his eyes toward the sky hoping his gone family would forgive him if he found love again.

When Lurren moved out of sight Thrynn broke his trance and sat down on large rock. ‘Stupid woman.’ He said to Lurren within his mind. If she was his, first thing he would make her do is quit being a bandit hunter. Craziest thing he ever heard of. Far more bandits’ then one woman or a herd of hunters could handle. Still that spunky woman believed she could fight them all to reach those top leaders. What she needed was a swift smack up the side of her head. Though that would probably knock out the very little sense she had left in her brain. Thrynn yanked out the wooden wolf to do some carving and take his mind off Lurren.

Lydia was standing in a group of trees, guarding her thane from a distance. Being a housecarl was truly boring along with carrying the thane’s burdens. It was more like Vilja was a burden instead of the job plus that large oaf she clings to. Thrynn was a typical male Nord with a bit more arrogance about him. He used his size to bully people to get what he wanted. Sven seemed like a lost boy in a harsh environment outside of Riverwood. He was smitten with Nadina who Lydia felt was another waste of space in the group. That drum of hers pounded in Lydia’s head even when the Redguard warrior wasn’t playing it. Golldir couldn’t see anything past Princess who had her tentacles tightly around his body. If Princess didn’t let go, Lydia believed Golldir would be dead one night by the stranglehold of that woman. She smiled looking at Nikolai who was the nicest person in the entire group. His even temper, mild manners brought calmness to an otherwise explosion mixture of people.

Sven brushed Nadina’s long beautiful black hair as she sat in front of him. He was completely head over heels about her. From the songbird voice she has to the fierce warrior drawing her weapons faster than anyone else, he adored her. Fear wasn’t part of her vocabulary that she didn’t hesitate to make clear when faced with deadly encounters. Riverwood was so far away though it was fairly close to Falkreath. Camilla probably was letting Faendal court her and seeing him nightly with Sven gone. He didn’t mind so much anymore since meeting the goddess before him. When Vilja pulled him away from his life in the sleepy village he never dreamed to meet such amazing women excluding DA13. That woman was in a class all on her own and should be kept in a locked room with the key lost forever.

Gollidr has tossing up small stones then trying to hit them with a stick to pass the time. This was far better than hanging around the family’s tomb. He didn’t quite understand the purpose of the group. Perhaps that was meant to be. A secret mission disguised as a bandit hunt maybe or another effort to reduce the growing problem of bandits. He never gave the bandits much thought; saw a few of them here and there on his travels between home and the tomb. Have the people of Skyrim turned blind to them growing in numbers among the open land? Focusing too heavily on the dragons and civil war to notice this increasing menace? Golldir knew Lurren didn’t care for him. His senses were she didn’t like any of them especially Thrynn. Never saw two people bicker at one other as those two did. Still he was glad to be here and help fight the bandits while courting the gorgeous Princess.

Nadina loved her hair being brushed; only those with very long hair understand this. Most tend to shy away from women with hair flowing and cascading down their back. Reaching lengths that most stare at in envy and wonder how does a woman care for such a bountiful head of hair. Sven was just a boy in her eyes, innocent and hungry to find a song in anything he saw. She could mold him, reach her hand out for him to grasp and follow her into blinding snow. When the nights were cold she would hold him close, guarding them from danger and wake to another fresh day to find their way toward the mountaintop. Her poetic mind danced with him on center stage while each stroke of the brush sang another verse within her heart.

Her tongue slowly moved across her upper lip, red eyes moved from each party member sizing them up. The shadows from the trees gave her comforting protection from the glaring sun. Princess wanted to move about freely in sunlight but each step was painful. Her hunger grew each passing day, watching the flesh bodies moving before her only increased that appetite. Thrynn was off the menu, such a pity; he looked like a healthy meal if not a sweet treat. Her finger ran over the dagger blade as she leaned against one tree. Golldir was her straw man that she bent and twisted to drive him wild. Can’t lose a fool when they don’t know the game is centered on them. Nikolai was easy to look, soft features chiseled into a sculptured flawless face. No reason to rid Skyrim of such beauty. Her eyes narrowed as her victim came into view. Running her tongue along the blade edge, her need to kill had arrived.

Nikolai had pulled the note from the tree along with the dagger. It simply said, “You all can go to Oblivion!” He gave the note to Vilja upon returning to the group.

“What a stupid, stupid milk drinker she is!” Vilja handed it to Thrynn then folded her arms in complete disgust.

Thrynn just smirked at the note, what did they expect her to do. Lurren wasn’t about to come running back to them or even him. The paper held her fragrance of soft lavender as he stared down at the words. “I can tell you where she is going.”

Vilja jutted her chin out, “Oblivion, I hope.”

“Negative. I would wager it is to the mine.” Thrynn winked at Vilja who suddenly had a big grin on her face.

“Of course! She went for the bandits!” She grabbed Thrynn’s arm. “Let’s go.”

“Isn’t DA13 wrong?” Golldir asked when he reached Vilja.


“With Nadina doesn’t that make her DA12? You get 2 votes for being the thane and Dragonborn plus proxy for your daughter. That’s eleven. When you include Lurren that’s twelve.” Golldir knew his math after spending hours counting coffins in the family tomb when he was locked up in there.

Vilja’s hand went to her mouth in surprise, “You are right.”

Everyone looked at Thrynn who glared back. “What?”

Nikolai stepped into the fire, “You were calling her DA13. I think you should be the one who tells her that you were wrong.”

The last thing Thrynn would ever do with Lurren is admitting he was wrong to anything. She would never let him forget it. Never. “Negative. First, she doesn’t even care what she is called. Second, she isn’t here to even tell her. Third, if and when I do see her this is not something I would ever tell to her.” He stood up towering over everyone like a giant from the open plains. “So find someone else to do it because I am not.”

Nikolai shrugged, “Maybe soften your tone some and she might listen to you.” He wasn’t fearful of Thrynn. In his opinion, Thrynn was one over-sized child who used his muscles and size to prey on the weak. The kind who would step on you then walk off without caring what he did. “Real shame you were the only ex-bandit her boss knew of. Apparently he never met you or I doubt he would have sent her to you.”

“You watch your tongue, boy or I’ll shove it down your throat.” Thrynn’s eyes glared hard down at Nikolai who didn’t blink or move.

With the two fighters about to send punches between them, Vilja stepped in. “Just stop it. We can’t work together with us at each other constantly.” She put her hand on Thrynn’s arm to try and calm him down. “Let’s just go to the mine, maybe kill some wolves along the way.”

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