Mining Orcs and Losing Lydia

Thrynn just walked off toward the mine’s direction. Nikolai was an idiot and clueless to how Thrynn really felt about Lurren. He had his reasons for trying to keep his distance from her and she probably had hers. When two souls are being drawn to each other against their own better judgment tempers were going to fly. He couldn’t tell Lurren his feelings that alone played deep within his heart. There would probably never be a time that he could, which made it a regret he would die with.

Vilja was leading the rest of the group behind Thrynn in complete silence. She was pondering how Lurren could cause so much trouble without being present. There was a sense of emptiness within the group without Lurren giving her speeches, repeating how important her mission was and just how she could talk circles around you. “Lydia, when we get to the next town please find me a courier. I need to send a message.” Vilja figured a letter to Lurren would help patch things up if they didn’t find her. Her other reason was to watch Thrynn and Lurren together after observing him closely tonight. Her gut feeling was he cared for Lurren. If it turns out to be true Vilja would play matchmaker. She loved romance. They did agree on finding someone for each other so why not give her Thrynn. “Lydia?”

Nikolai looked around for the missing housecarl.

Golldir and Princess paid attention to each other instead of helping in locating Lydia.

Sven and Nadina decided this called for a new song.

“She is gone and since she is gone,
Everything will go wrong,
He is gone and since he is gone,
We can rejoice at no more of his songs.”

They gave each other the high-five clap then added the new song to the book.

Thrynn was pushing his way through the trees searching for Lydia while Vilja’s voice called for her. Each shout became more urgent and panicky. There was no sign of Lydia surrounding the area they had been at.

Princess smiled hauntingly at Vilja’s back as she fingered her dagger tucked inside her pocket. Fresh blood still remained on the blade that she ran one finger across. She sucked the finger until the sweet taste of Lydia’s blood was gone.

Lydia had dropped silently upon the grass when Princess slit her throat open without alarming anyone in the group. She had little use for women in service positions; it showed no respect for their gender by being a servant. Stupid

women like Lydia could be found anywhere and her hunger for blood had been too great. The lone prey had been far enough from the group allowing the predator easy access to a swift and painful death. Lydia’s body had been dragged deeper into the woods and left for the wolves. Princess had returned to the group without anyone noticing her licking blood from her lips.

While Lurren worked her way to Bilegulch Mine, she had to heal several times from various attacks from wolves, bandits and bears. The bears were the worst with their strength in ripping you apart with just a few swipes of their claws. Their roar was deafening along with the charging weight they shoved into Lurren’s body. Reaching the road just down from the mine, she noticed a man racing toward her.

“I’m been looking for you!” The same courier shouted, as he got closer to Lurren.

Lurren was surprised to see him again so quickly but glad since she could give him the reports.

“Let’s see here now. I have a letter and a lot of gold. OH! Sorry about your loss.” He dropped the coin purse and letter into her hand.


“It’s a letter of inheritance. Guess a relative died?” He didn’t really have time to discuss the delivery due to other pressing business matters.

‘Yes! Thrynn is gone!’ Her mind danced with joy while she handed her letters to the courier. “The one titled MIMCIC goes to Whiterun and the other goes to..”

“Yeah, yeah, that one goes elsewhere. Gotta go, lady.” He tucked the notes into his pockets and raced off.

Lurren watched him depart into the trees then turned her attention to the letter. Her arms dropped to her sides when the news of Lydia’s death stunned her. ‘How did this happen?’ She ran one hand over her hair and held it there for a moment. Rubbing her eyes trying to figure out what to do, she needed to get back to the group for answers but the mine was so close. Deciding the bandits should be a snap job, get in, wipe them out and get out. She crept up to the mine only to be spotted by the lookout Orc who raced out to meet her with his warhammer flying.

Thrynn had ordered everyone back to Falkreath when Vilja became inconsolable after searching for Lydia produced nothing. He stayed behind with Nikolai to perform a wider search for the missing woman.

Before they started the new search Nikolai apologized to Thrynn for his earlier comment. “Not sure why I said those things.”

The large Nord only nodded, as he didn’t care much for apologies. Thrynn rarely said he was sorry for anything. If you had to be sorry for anything never should have done it originally. Still he respected someone when they could admit something was their fault. Nikolai wasn’t a bad man and given the circumstances he probably felt someone needed to stick up for Lurren.

The two men split off areas to search in and went to their designated spot to start looking.

Lurren had picked off the three Orcs that were outside fairly easily but the leader inside the mine was a different story. How she hated fighting Orcs. They were too strong, too skilled in battle and far too much health. That battle between her and the leader took longer than she wanted or expected. Having to escape the mine several times to heal up, she finally managed to take him down. Her eyes sparkled as she scooped up all the loot just for her then frowned when she could barely move from its weight. ‘Where is a big strong Nord male when you need one!’ She declared angrily to her own mind as she tossed loot away until she could move again. Her frown became deeper when she noticed all the loot she found was being left behind. But Lydia was still on her mind and was more important than this pile of junk.

Thrynn was pushing tree limbs aside while scanning the area for Lydia. Women. Only good thing about them was when you needed a warm body against you in a cold night. He reconsidered that thought deciding they did have another nice feature but was expected if they were sleeping with you. He tried to remember where everyone was while they were hiding from Lurren. It was no good because he had only watched Lurren then worked on his woodcarving. Paying attention to other party members wasn’t anything he did unless they were attractive to him. So far only one was to him.

Lurren had raced back to the area where she tacked the note up. Seeing it was gone she figured they found it or someone else did. She spun around when rustling of some leaves were heard and saw Nikolai emerging from the trees. “Nikolai!”

He smiled when Lurren was standing on the road waving at him. No matter the time of day or night she was always beautiful. “Good, I’m glad you are here. We don’t know where Lydia went. I’m hoping she is at Falkreath, maybe forgot something back there.”

Lurren just shook her head, “No, she’s not there.”

“Oh? You just come from there?” Nikolai was surprised she knew about Lydia when Lurren wasn’t with them.

Lurren was looking around the area, “A courier gave me a letter saying she was dead.”

“What?” He was shocked at this news when there was no sign of Lydia being dead.

“Where are Vilja and the rest?” She noticed it was only Nikolai out here.

He motioned with one hand at the direction of Falkreath, “Thrynn had them go back to town. As you can imagine Vilja is upset without knowing where Lydia is.”

‘Why did he need to mention that forbidden name!’ Lurren scolded Nikolai silently then turned away to go back to Falkreath. “We should go back to them. I need to get some answers to this.”

Nikolai shook his head, “I’m helping Thrynn look for her. Go ahead, we will catch up.”

Lurren’s eyes quickly scanned left to right for this Thrynn person who she really didn’t need to see. “All right. See you back there then.”

“It’s good to see you back.” Nikolai called out to her and smiled when she turned around with her own smile for him.

When she walked into the tavern her eyes scanned the room, partly in hopes of seeing Bolund. Sadly he was not there that night but a distraught Vilja was. Lurren walked over to her table while eyes watched her closely. Some weren’t so happy to see her back while others didn’t really care either way.

Princess was one who didn’t like seeing Lurren. Her eyes glared at the woman as she walked past heading toward Vilja. If she was here that meant Thrynn would be too busy haggling with her over some stupid issue to give Princess the time she deserved with him. Her body hungered for his; men like him knew how to please a woman. Princess exhaled slowly as if she was already making time with him alone in the darkness. Any man that another woman had the attention of or even wanted Princess was there to steal away. While one dagger went to Lydia’s throat she had another one to plant between those two.

Vilja was picking at a label on a mead bottle sitting in front of her. Losing Lydia hit her hard and every moment waiting for news was only adding to her grief. She didn’t even notice Lurren dropping her knapsack next to their table and sitting down by her.


“What do you want?” Vilja snapped harshly and quickly at Lurren. “Don’t you have bandits to hunt?”

“Yeah, I do.” Lurren started breaking off pieces from some bread sitting on a plate between them. Each small piece was tossed into a tankard with most pieces missing.

Vilja turned toward Lurren; her face was strained with puffy red eyes. “Then go hunt them.”

Resting one elbow on the table, Lurren rubbed her forehead. Why did she bother coming back here? “Okay, I will.” She was done with this group. They probably blamed her for Lydia dying or even killing her. “I am sorry. Here you can have the coin sent to me.” Lurren dropped the small coin purse onto the table containing 100 gold coins and stood up.

“Why would I want your blood money?” Vilja backhanded the purse sending it sailing across the room with the coin spilling out when it hit the wall.

Princess was walking by to gather up some of the free coin. She stopped briefly to look Lurren over with disgusted eyes. “You probably won’t find much welcome here any longer.” Her vampire cat-like eyes laughed at the lone bandit hunter.

Lurren just grabbed her knapsack and stormed out of the tavern. She was worn out and tired of being the punching bag for everything that went wrong. Struggling in a land more hostile than anywhere else was breaking her down.

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