Followers, Friends and Facts

Tekla distracted Thrynn long enough for Lurren to down a potion of invisibility and vanish from sight. She hid behind Dengeir’s house in some trees watching Thrynn looking for her. He was searching the immediate area where they had been talking. “Where are you?” She heard Thrynn say as he stood next to her without knowing he was. He finally gave up and headed for Riverwood to get Lucia.

Her eyes watched him disappear then she hurried toward the house behind the lumber mill. Lurren gave the coded knock then quickly slipped into the house when the door opened.

Haluaf, the male Breton cook smiled at Lurren as she past by then closed the door behind her. “Good to see you, old friend.”

Darier, a Nord male took her into his arms and hugged her tightly as Lurren winked at Haluaf. “Ah, the lovely lady arrives.” He kissed her cheek then put her gently back down.

Reinhardt’s house was perfect for the group to use and they paid him well for his silence. They were among Tamriel’s most secretive and highly trained group of assassins, trackers and spies. Only the wealthiest of families could afford them, and very few knew about them. As a whole they shared one thing in common, they all worked for Indigoblade.

Each class worked as a pair with the wood elves being the trackers, the Redguards were infiltrators using their skills for diplomacy and the Nords were master assassins. They were working with Lurren deep in the background, gathering information, watching others and eliminating those who considered harming her.

“So glad to see some friendly faces finally, I swear Skyrim is an absolute mess.” Lurren tossed her knapsack aside then slid into a chair at the dining table. “What do you have for me?”

Jensine, the Redguard woman was flipping open a journal while Haluaf served Lurren hot stew, freshly baked bread along with a bottle of White Water Wine. “Plenty. Some you won’t like.” Her brown eyes glanced over at Lurren who was dipping bread into the stew. “Any particular place you want to start?”

Darier was rubbing Lurren’s shoulders; he always liked her and was glad when Indigoblade asked him to go to Skyrim. She was top-notch in her field of expertise and had mastered weaving webs around people without them realizing it. Too bad she was spoken for.

“Doesn’t matter to me. I figure I got one night before I need to head back out to the field so tell me it all.” She leaned back slightly while Haluaf’s wife, Vetla added more stew to her bowl.

The Breton couple was the best cooks in the organization. Indigoblade sent them whenever his top elite groups were working long missions. He wanted his agents well fed and fit for the jobs assigned to them. The bandit crisis in Skyrim would take Lurren several years to complete, a bit of information he never shared with her. But he didn’t need to because she knew what needed to be done.

“All right then, here’s what we know about your followers.” Jensine was looking down and missed the look Lurren gave her. “Golldir. Young Nord, late twenties, somewhat of a liar. Claimed his father locked him up in the tomb while other sources claim it was his brother. No known whereabouts of his brother or father. Mother dead. No sisters. Won’t be much use later, he is weak overall and can’t fight higher skilled enemies.” She looked over at Lurren who was pouring a glass of wine. “Best to get rid of him soon.”

“What about Princess? She clings to him like a second skin. How soon can I get rid of her?”

“That will be a while. She’s a vampire, deceitful, cunning and likes to kill. When she arrived in Skyrim several years ago she came looking for one thing. Lord Harkon.” Jensine stopped to take a sip of Alto wine. “Likes being a vampire and refuses help to cleanse her body of the disease. Her goal is find Lord Harkon and become one of his mates. She’s young, barely twenty but knows exactly what she wants.”

Lurren looked quickly at Jensine and wondered if Lydia died by Princess’s hand. “Did she kill recently?”

“Depends on her need for blood. If great enough yes she probably has. She is better known among others as Chaosprincess though she drops the chaos part when meeting new people.” Jensine watched Lurren staring across the room.

Lurren’s head was resting between her index finger and thumb as she leaned against on the table. “Why is it a while for me to get rid of her?”

“You need to find this vampire lord otherwise she isn’t going anywhere. If you try to get rid of her, she will seek revenge so we suggest finding this man and leaving her at that point. Whether she will be happy left just outside his home or not remains to be seen. Past experience shows vampires are very eager to please their lord so would wager she will react the same.”

‘Great! Like I want to know where some vampire lord is.’ Lurren growled within her mind only. How she hated vampires right along with werewolves and any other sick beast that roamed freely. No way would she ever step foot into some vampire lord’s house. Burn it yes, go inside no.

Jensine stood up taking the journal with her and continued to relay information to Lurren. “Nadina Fire-heart, the Redguard warrior. Mostly she’s a mercenary for hire who likes to sing and play her drum. Prefers people build favor with her or pay her coin if she doesn’t favor them enough. Doesn’t care much for marriage but is willing to marry if she cares enough for the person. She’s a wise-cracker trash talker especially of the Imperials. Hates them with every fiber in her body.”

Lurren was digging into a piece of apple pie when she laughed at the Imperial comment. “At least we have one thing in common.”

Sitting down at a chair nearby Lurren, Jensine flipped a few pages before proceeding. “Vilja.”

Disga was the Nord female partner to Darier snorted loudly at the name. “She’s a waste of space.”

Darier slapped her forearm playfully, ”Now, now, Disga, put those sabrecat claws back.”

“She is probably right,” Jensine offered before reading her notes. “This young girl is strange. While she is naïve to a certain point, she is also quite well informed.”

Lurren nodded her head as that was something about Vilja that always bothered her. How could someone who was afraid to travel alone know so much about everyone and everything?

“Very young, only eighteen. Claims to be a bard or longs to be one. She holds back information just so you keep her near. To her, you won’t dismiss her if she withholds important news from you. Wants to find love in the traditional fashion and not by an amulet. Feels you are advertising and would end up with someone you would never love. She claims to be married and has one adopted child named Lucia. While she may be the Thane of Whiterun, she is not the Dragonborn of Legend.”

The fork stopped halfway to Lurren’s mouth then fell back onto the plate. “What did you just say? She is not the Dragonborn?”

Jensine leaned forward to pour herself more wine. “Correct. Who that is remains to be seen but we do know it is not she. If you want to test this, take her to some wall of power. See if she learns the word or not.”

Lurren stared down at her plate of half eaten apple pie. “What should I look for when we are at one of these walls?” She wasn’t sure if her words were shaky or noticeable as she thought back to Bleak Falls Barrow.

A female wood elf named Faun had been sitting quietly in one corner. “Legend tells that the Dragonborn will sense darkness surrounding them. Odd sounds and ethereal type-like fingers emit from the wall that are absorbed by the Dragonborn.” She shrugged off the lore history as if it was just another rumor floating around. “Who knows if that is true though? Everyone is talking about some Dragonborn yet no one knows who it is.”

“Except we do know who it isn’t.” Jensine re-enforced her information to make certain Lurren understood Vilja was not this person. “Not sure what purpose she would serve you by sticking around. She does have a long list of errands she needs help with. If they get you closer to your target, keep her close. More areas you explore, more likely you will flush out those leaders.”

The other half of the wood elf team was Tywin. He sat down by Darier at the table. “Tcubed looked at the sand here.”

Lurren laughed, “And for what purpose?”

“He sent a warning that his findings show deadly encounters laying in wait here. The other message was he doesn’t want you sneezing near any sand.” Tywin cracked a smile and winked at her. “His words, not mine.”

She shook her fork at Tywin who for a wood elf was one of the more better looking ones. Wood elves always seemed odd in their looks but ever so often one would come along with amazing features. His eyes were more normal instead of almond shaped, ears that were slightly smaller and covered by his thick head of hair. Faun had married him eight years ago and they loved, lived and worked in perfect harmony with each other.

Jensine took hold of the conversation and brought it back to her reporting. “Our advice is to keep Vilja nearby, use her as she will use you. Sven. The momma’s boy never really loved Camilla until Faendal started courting her. He did flirt with her, wrote poems and even has his mother telling others that her son was the only one good enough for Camilla. All lies. His feelings for Camilla were only from being stuck in the miserable little village and no one else around to pick from. Overall, he is worthless and we recommend dumping him quickly.”

Hudgar was waking up from a nap; he was a large Redguard who was teamed with Jensine. “Are my eyes deceiving me or is that our missing agent?” He rolled his feet off the bed and sat up. “Agent Lurren, delightful to see you.”

“Hudgar, your eyesight is spot on.” Lurren tossed him a red apple that he caught with one hand. He was one of the Hammerfell warrior types who liked using a curved sword. Getting into cities was difficult for Redguard men who carried scimitars. Jensine would get in first then find a way to sneak him past. Once their business was completed they would leave through that same way. None of the townspeople or guards ever saw Hudgar within their city walls. That was expected and why indigoblade had this elite underground group. No one was safe when he would unleash his predators upon the population. In Reinhardt’s house sat his most deadly marauders stationed within Skyrim and its people would never know or understand what was going to happen.


Lurren looked down at the table, she didn’t want to hear about him. She knew enough to know he was a thorn in her side and a beat of her heart.

Jensine leaned back in the chair, glad to be getting near the end of her report. She was tired, the house felt too small for her with a growing urge to go do some hunting. “Ex-bandit that had a falling out with a clan in the Pale. Parents were bandits, grew up as one and finally had enough to dislike that lifestyle. Loves women, something his mother taught him was to respect women and children. Married with one child. He is in his late twenties, very fit and not afraid to use his fists. His father wanted more for his son and encouraged Thrynn to learn other trades. He is master woodworker, often taking jobs at blacksmiths making wooden swords for children. Wandered around Cyrodiil after leaving the Pale then returned when he grew bored of that land. Heard a powerful family was hiring muscle men for jobs so went there for work. That’s when the Thieves Guild saw him and he joined up. Has been with them ever since. Don’t lose him, he will be valuable to our mission so do what it takes to keep him near.”

That was the last thing Lurren needed to hear. One of those two would definitely be dead by the time this mission was completed. They hated each other except she didn’t really hate him that much. She thought about Thrynn a lot, probably too often for her own good. He was so unique in personality and one of the finest looking men she had seen in Skyrim. She quickly diverted the conversation from Thrynn to the last person within that group. “What about Nikolai?”

Closing the journal, Jensine laid her head on the back of the chair. “He’s a true gentleman. Loved his wife and son deeply, lost his way when they were killed. He has two brothers here in Skyrim. They came from Cyrodiil to help him when news of the deaths reached them. Spent a lot of time at the Honningbrew Meadery trying to kill himself through drinking. Overall, he is a decent individual and you would do well keeping him close. He’s late twenty or early thirty in age, even tempered and mild mannered even with his family dying he never lost his own personality.”

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